Lake Erie Center


Autoclave Room

The LEC has a large Consolidated Autoclave (16”x16”x26”) in room LEC-110. There are only a few requirements for its use. Please be sure that you are confident with how to run it. Also, fill out the log sheet that is kept near it. Finally, clean any spills and give it and the area around it a wipe down when you are finished.

That room also has a dishwasher. Its only caveat is that since it has been hooked to the LEC’s RO water system, which has a water pressure significantly lower that city water, the dishwasher’s cycle takes several hours.

There is also a crushed ice-maker available. This ice is not recommended for human consumption. Please remember to shut its access door and put the scoop back on top of the machine when finished.

The counter space, sink, and equipment in this room are for communal use. Please remove your materials as soon as you are done and help maintain a safe and healthy working environment by cleaning up after yourself promptly.

Last Updated: 6/9/16