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GK-12 Personnel

Danielle Long
Gk-12 Fellow (Partnered with Wendy Wilson, Start)

I received my B.A. in Biology from Mercyhurst College, now Mercyhurst University, in May 2011. I completed my undergraduate research on the effects of temperature on algae production in mixed cultures and varied fertility, and a preliminary study for manufacturing axenic algal cultures. Upon graduating Mercyhurst, I joined Dr. Dwyer’s environmental microbiology lab and began exploring bacteria and viruses, a new realm of study for me. My M.S. project focuses on biosolids, the organic material and microorganisms remaining after sewage treatment by a waste water treatment plant, and their application to local agricultural fields as fertilizer. I am assessing the role that retention time and soil depth have on the survival of microorganisms in biosolid-amended soil. This will help us better understand the transport of microorganisms from a biosolid application site to the main drainage tile. My hopes are that this research project can help farmers manage the application of biosolids in a manner that will offer potentially ‘cleaner’ fertilizer options. I am thrilled to be part of the GK-12 program, because it presents me with the opportunity to interest high school students in scientific studies, by encouraging them to ask and answer their own question using the scientific method. 

Last Updated: 8/18/17