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Transfer of credits

The question on treatment of physics courses taken elsewhere before entering the University of Toledo graduate programs in Physics and Astronomy is considered on an individual basis. We consider the course level, the textbook used, and the grade that you earnedfor the course. If the course levels and the textbooks are similar to our courses, and we see no additional basis for concern, the credit transfer is likely to be granted.

To officially waive one or more core courses within the PhD degree requirements, the student must wait until after full passing the PhD Qualifying Exam; at this time, the student's advisory committee needs to endorse the waiver.

Note that the Department may not be able to transfer credit for courses taken at a foreign institution.

Policy on continuation of state-funded (base-budget) assistantships

In the Department of Physics and Astronomy, students normally make a transition from a teaching to a research assistantship after they have chosen a permanent adviser, depending on the availability of funding and other factors. However, research assistantships are not always available. The department makes every effort to provide assistantship support for students through to the Ph. D., provided the student remains in good academic standing and makes satisfactory progress in research. Continued support is at the discretion of the student’s advisory committee and the department chair. At annual report time, in February, the committee makes a recommendation to the faculty and the department chair concerning continuation of assistantship support.

In addition, a faculty member may advise one Ph. D. student who has passed the Ph. D. qualifying exam and is supported by the base budget, contingent on availability of resources. Base budget support of a second Ph. D. student requires approval of a petition from the student and the advisor to the department chair.


Most research assistantships are funded by external research grants. This policy concerns only assistantships funded by the university, which are generally teaching assistantships. If you are in doubt about your funding source, consult your adviser.


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