Department of Physics and Astronomy

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Physics

A student studying for the B.S. degree in Physics may choose among several physics concentrations, including Physics, Astrophysics, Applied Physics, or a concentration designed in consultation with a departmental advisor, and approved by the Department Chair. Such options might include, but are not limited to: biophysics, computational physics, geophysics, physics and philosophy, or teaching physics.

The sequence of courses shown below is a typical one for a physics major, but other course selections are possible. In particular a student who begins with a good knowledge of calculus might take PHYS 2130-2140 in the freshman year, PHYS 3310-3320 in the sophomore year, and PHYS 4210 in the junior year. Another possibility is the sequence PHYS 2070-2080-2100 instead of PHYS 2130-2140. The student must also satisfy all the degree requirements of the University Core and the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. The official degree requirements are published in the Catalog of the University of Toledo. 

Suggested Sample Curriculum

First Year Fall Semester
PHYS 2130 Physics for Sci and Eng Majors I 5
PHYS 1910 Frontiers of Physics 3
MATH 1830 Calculus I for Math, Science and Ed 4
ENGL 1110    English Composition I 3
NSM 1000 Orientation 1
Spring Semester 
PHYS 2140  Physics for Sci and Eng Majors II I 5
MATH 1840 Calculus II for Math, Science and Ed 4
CHEM 1230General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 1280General Chemistry I Lab 1

Second Year Fall Semester 
PHYS 3310 Quantum Physics I 3
MATH 1890 Linear Algebra 3
MATH 2850 Multivariable Calculus 4
English Composition II 3
University Core Social Science 3
Spring Semester  
PHYS 3320 Quantum Physics II 3
PHYS 3150  Methods of Theoretical Physics 3  
MATH 2860 Elem Differential Equations 3
University Core Humanities 3
University Core Social Science 3

Third Year Fall Semester  
PHYS 3610 Optics and Lasers 3
PHYS 4210 Theoretical Mechanics 3
NSM Science Elective 4
University Core Non-Western 3
Writing Across the Curriculum Course 3
Spring Semester 
PHYS 3180 Intermediate Laboratory 3
PHYS 3410 Thermal Physics 3
PHYS 4910 Undergraduate Research 3
University Core US Diversity 3
University Core Humanities 3

Fourth Year Year Fall Semester 
PHYS 4230 Electricity & Magnetism I 3
PHYS 4580 Mol and Cond Matt Lab 3
Related fields 4
Electives/Minor 6
Spring Semester
PHYS 4240 Electricity & Magnetism II 3
PHYS 4310 Quantum Mechanics 3  
PHYS 4910 Undergraduate Research 3
Related fields 3
Electives/Minor 4


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