College of Nursing

UT Community of Nurse Preceptors and Mentors

Welcome to the University of Toledo College of Nursing Community of Nurse Preceptors and Mentors!

Preceptors help us in a variety of clinical settings, from acute and primary care to community health and provide our students with opportunities to observe and participate in active professional nursing practice. These experiences are a critical component of their learning and role development.

Preceptors have the unique opportunity to impart their professional insights, skill, and knowledge. The College of Nursing realizes and appreciates the value of your time. We are here to support you throughout the preceptor experience. It is our sincere desire the experience will be enriching on a professional and personal level. It is our goal to work with our preceptors as a team to foster a rich educational experience for our students.

We have prepared resources for our preceptors to use as a reference guide for your role and information about our Preceptor Rewards Program. In addition, within the program resources there are links to documents you will need while working with our students.

Becoming a Part of our Preceptor Community:

If you are interested in learning more about preceptor opportunities, please contact specific Program Directors.

Interim Director of BSN Program/College of Nursing:
   -Susan O'Dell Ph.D., R.N.

Director of MSN Program/College of Nursing:
   -Kelly A. Phillips Ph.D., RN, CNS

Director of Doctorate Program/College of Nursing:
   -Huey-Shys Chen Ph.D.,RN.,MCHES,FAAN

Last Updated: 6/26/15