College of Nursing

Faculty Publications 2006-2007


Oehrtman, S. (Summer 2006). Advanced Practice Nurses:  Who are they? Nursing Network, 44(3), 1-2.

Pierce, L. Steiner, V., Hicks, B., Holzaepfel, A. (July/August 2006). Problems of New Caregivers of Persons with Stroke. Rehabilitation Nursing, 31(4), 166-173.

Jacelon, Cynthia S., Pierce, Linda L., Buhrer, Richard. (November/December 2006). Evaluation of the Research Agenda for Rehabilitation Nursing. Rehabilitation Nursing, 31(6), 242-248.

Jacelon, Cynthia S., Pierce, Linda L., Buhrer, Richard. (January/February 2007). Revision of the Rehabilitation Nursing Research Agenda. Rehabilitation Nursing, 32(1), 23-29.

 Book Chapter

Szirony, T. (2006). Palliative Care. In Elsevier/Mosby. Nursing Online CE Standards-based Nursing Curriculum pp. 00-00). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Elsevier, Inc.

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