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Main Campus - Multi-Functional Devices (MFD)

Type of Service: Description: Steps:

There is a routine supply schedule, however we understand there are times when a machine may run low due to heavy usage.


Covered in our contract includes: paper, staples, and toner. You only need to dial the internal number if you need supplies.


Call: 419-530-5105

Press #1 for Supplies

Remember to leave:

1) your name and extension

2) the supply that is needed

3) the location of the device and the device tag number. 

Service: Each machine has a routine service schedule.  With the day to day usage of our machines, we understand there are times where a machine may experience an issue and we want to be able to resolve the issue immediately. 


Call: 419-530-5105

Press #2 for Service

Remember to leave:

1)  your name and extension

2) the location of the device and the devices tag or SN#

3) a description of the issue

Copy Codes: Each index that wishes to use the MFD's will be provided a unique copy code that they may then share with the individuals with the department. 


Remember to include:

1)  your name and extension

2) the index number that will be cross charged

3) the location of the device(s) and the device tag or SN# where yo want the code programed

If you are requesting your existing code be changed, please also provide your current code number.

Relocation Requests:  From time to time departments move to a new location.  With the move comes many things to consider and one of them encompasses the MFD's.  We evaluate each request on a per request bases and look at where the department is moving to and who is moving into the current space. 


Remember to include:

1)  your name and extension

2) the location and tag number of the device(s) that you are requesting be relocated

3) the reason for the request

4) if your department is moving, the date of the move

5) if your department is moving, who will be occupying the space upon your move?

New Machine Request (Non-Capital Project) From time to time there may be a need for a new machine.  This need may not be related to any moving or renovation.  In this case the department with the need needs to notify Auxiliary Services so that we can assist in securing the proper machine to meet the departments needs. 

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New Machine Request (Capital Project)

When you begin planning a renovation, you will need to involve Michael Byrd from Auxiliary Services in your discussion.  Mr. Byrd will be able to help you determin the best size and mode of machine and he will be able to provide you with the purchase price so it can be included in your capital request.

By including Auxilary Services early we can make sure that you have the technology installed and working in time for your grand opening.

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Last Updated: 6/9/16