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Process for Filling PSA Positions

  1. Obtain and complete an Authorization to Hire (ATH) form and attach a copy of the position description and ad copy, indicating where the ad will be placed (ad placement is usually done by Human Resources, so you may want to coordinate this with HR).  Forward to the Office of the Dean or Director of the affected department (whichever is applicable) for approval.  Upon the Dean’s or Director’s approval, the form will be forwarded to the Vice President for your division, the Budget Office where the Position Control Number (PCN) is assigned, and, finally, to the Office of Human Resources.

  2. Alist of potential committee members should be forwarded to the Office of Affirmative Action.  There must be both female and minority representation on this committee.  You may recruit from outside of the department in order to fulfill this requirement.   The chair of the committee should contact the Office of Affirmative Action to set up the necessary search training for the members of the committee.  If any member has not received this training within the past year, they will be required to complete the training.

  3. When the search deadline has been reached, the applicant roster listing everyone who has applied for the position will be forwarded to the Office of Affirmative Action from the Office of Human Resources.    We will then begin to identify the race and sex of each of the candidates based on the information in the VAAF cards received from the applicants (these cards are sent to the candidates by Human Resources with the letters of acknowledgement).    At this point, the search committee may begin to evaluate the resumes to determine the best candidates to interview for the position.  When the committee has determined which candidates they would like to interview, you must contact the Office of Affirmative Action with the names of these candidates.  The Senior Director of Affirmative Action will review both the overall pool and the interview pool for diversity.  If there is diversity in the overall pool but none present in the interview pool, the committee may be instructed to conduct a second review of the resumes to see if a member of the neglected group (i.e. female, minority) is suitable to be invited for an interview (Affirmative Action will provide a list of the names of the candidates in this group).   If the committee still feels that none are acceptable, a memo is required to be sent to Affirmative Action justifying the exclusion of these candidates by comparing their qualifications to those of the candidates who have been selected.  Once this is approved, you will be notified by the Office of Affirmative Action that you may proceed with the interviews.  Do not set the interviews until you have received this approval. 

  4. When the interviews are completed and a selection has been made, a Hiring Report must be submitted to the Office of Affirmative Action.  This report is done in a memo format and addressed to Ricky Walker, Senior Director of Affirmative Action.  The Hiring Report should include:  the PCN, the names of the committee members, a list of the publications in which the position was advertised, the names of the individuals interviewed, the name of the selected candidate, the anticipated starting date and anticipated starting salary.  Attach to this report a copy of the selected candidate’s resume and forward to Affirmative Action.  This report may be faxed, in order to save time, to extension 8402.  When the report has been approved, you will be notified that you may extend a verbal offer to the selected candidate and the approved report will be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.  HR will then produce the official letter of offer to the candidate.  Once this letter has been signed by the selected candidate, (their acceptance of the position), the hiring department should contact HR at extension 1478 or 1477 to enroll the new employee in the next orientation session.  Also, the Staff Personnel Action form must be completed to insure that the new employee is entered into the payroll system.  The Business Manager for your division will assist you in the completion of this form. 



Circa June, 2002

Last Updated: 6/26/15