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Functions of the Affirmative Action Office

The University of Toledo is committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity in all employment and educational activities.  The University is also committed to the use of Affirmative Actions in order to make Equal Opportunity a reality in institutional life. 

The Affirmative Action Office of The University of Toledo is the unit of the institution charged with responsibility for promoting, encouraging, facilitating and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations pertaining to equal opportunity and affirmative actions, in both employment and access to institutionally-sponsored programs and  activities.  It is the primary mission of the Office to SUPPORT AND ENHANCE an environment that is free of discrimination and that permits each individual to pursue his or her goals without the probability of interference due to  unlawful bias.  Further, The Affirmative Action Office attempts to engender an atmosphere which encourages  institutional diversity, and celebrates the contributions made and insights gained by the interactions of individuals and groups manifesting cultural and other differences within a cohesive community based on mutual respect and consideration.

Asa recipient of Federal Financial Aid and as a Federal Contractor, the University is obligated to abide by the strictures of federal legislation and regulations regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action.  Similarly, state regulations regarding these areas are also observed in the course of day-to-day operations.   

The regulations provide the general framework under which the University of Toledo undertakes specific and ongoing activities to ensure equal access to all members of the university community. 


Specific actions conducted by the Affirmative Action Office in furtherance of  these objectives include:

§         Advising all members of the University community regarding their obligations pursuant to the indicated regulations.

§         Reviewing internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with extant regulations.

§         Reviewing personnel actions to avoid adverse impact regarding any covered group.

§          Actively working with all institutional units in order to help develop effective and efficient outreach and access procedures catering to members of protected classes.

§         Receiving, investigating, and resolving internal complaints regarding allegations of unlawful discrimination.

§         Preparing and submitting required reports to designated agencies regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action compliance.

§         Serving as a resource and point of reference for all institutional constituencies

Last Updated: 6/26/15