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University System of Ohio Talent Development Network (USOTDN) Services for Employers

Few decisions have more impact on an organization than employee selection, hiring and development. The USOTDN package of job profiling, employee assessment and training tools can help you identify and develop the best people for your positions.

Job-Candidate Selection

Whether you are hiring new employees or promoting current employees, USOTDN can help you find the best person for the job with a wide range of assessment and testing tools to meet your business needs. We will help you:

  • Define specific knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the job
  • Test job candidates according to position requirements
  • Provide post-testing analysis and training

Employee Performance Management

 Job-profiling, assessment and training tools can also help with continued employee development:

  • Position-specific performance appraisals
  • Skill-gap analysis
  • Skills training
  • Professional certifications Individual development plans

Put us to the Test

See how assessment, testing and training tools can provide the support you need for your critical human resources decisions.

For more information contact:
Betty Anzaldua, MBA, CEcD

Last Updated: 6/9/16