Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Activate Your UTAD Account

You will register for your Orientation Program online by going to the UT Portal at

To gain access to the UT Portal, you will need to set up your UTAD account.

What's a UTAD account?
UTAD is your personalized account that allows you to use many of UT's online resources.Your UTAD account gives you important access to the myUT portal, a secure personalized web environment that provides a single access point for all the information you need to make your UT experience complete.

Follow the steps below to activate your UTAD account.   

Step 1

Goto Enter your Rocket Number as the UT identifier. Your Rocket Number can be found on your acceptance letter from UT. If you do not know your Rocket Number, enter your Social Security number. You will also need to enter your eight-digit birthday (no spaces between numbers mm/dd/yyyy).


Click on the button that says "Find Account." 

Step 3

The next screen will say "Terms & Conditions." Read this information and then click "I agree" at the bottom.


After clicking "I agree", the next screen will ask you to set your password.  Make sure you read and follow the guidelines for setting your password.


The next screen will ask you to choose a security question. Choose one and type in the answer. Press "set".


At the next screen, press "confirm" and wait until your account is activated.


After your account is activated, your myUT username and Rocket Number will appear to the left in a box titles "Your Account (Brief)".


Remember your username, password and response to your security question.


You must complete these steps to activate your UTAD account in order to register for orientation, check your UT e-mail and register for classes.  

If you have questions or need assistance with setting up your UTAD account, please call the Information Technology help desk at 419.530.2400.







Last Updated: 2/17/17