Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Student Legal Services, Inc.

Student Legal Services is a general practice law firm on campus.  For Fall Semester Coverage a fee of $10.00 or for BOTH Spring & Summer Coverage a fee of $20.00, students benefit from licensed attorneys here on campus to help students in their personal legal matters.  Student Legal Services can help with traffic citations, landlord-tenant disputes, contract disputes, debt collection matters, criminal charges, wills, and much more. 

To remain eligible for this service students should NOT waive the $10.00 (Fall) or $20.00 (Spring and Summer) legal services fee from their account when registering for classes.  Once the fee is waived, students are UNABLE to access their services. 

It is highly recommended that students leave this charge on their student account as we never plan for emergencies in life!  The average cost of an attorney in our local community is $150 per hour. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16