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Affiliate Account Request

Definition of an Affiliate:

An affiliate is an individual or group of individuals who conduct daily business or research on UT's campus but are not attending classes or financially compensated by the University.  Affiliates could be a consultant, former University of Toledo Employees, visiting faculty/staff/residents/students and many other entities that do business or research on our campuses.  This also includes people that are on campus for more than 30 days. If a student is currently registered for a class or Co-Op, they are not considered an affiliate.


How does an Affiliate obtain a Rocket Number and/or a UTAD account?

The sponsoring University Department needs to complete the Affiliate Request/Update of UTAD & Rocket Number form for each affiliate.  This form is on the UT Community Tab of the UT Portal (click here for the tutorial).


How does an Affiliate secure their parking permit?

Once a Rocket number, UTAD username, and password has been established, the affiliate can visit the myparking portal to apply for their permit.  The process for applying for an affiliate permit is the same for an affiliate as it is for a student or an employee. 


How does a Departmental employee receive access to the Affiliate Request Form?

There are two ways for university personnel to obtain access to the form:

1) The Departmental Administrator can place a help desk ticket listing the name of the person within their department that needs to have the access.

2) The Departmental Administrator can send an email request to listing the name of the individual within the department that needs to have the access.


What happens once the Affiliate's Rocket Number and/or a UTAD account has been created?

The requester will receive notification of the affiliates Rocket Number within 24 to 48 business hours.  It is possible that request returns can take up to a week.  The requester the notifies the affiliate and helps them update their MyUT Account (click here for tutorial).  Once their MyUT Account has been updated, the affiliate will have the ability to secure parking and other services on campus.  Please note that access to some systems might require the requester to work with other departments such as IT or the Pharmacy Lab to gain access.

What should I do if an Affiliate is no longer on campus?

If an Affiliate is no longer affiliated with the University, please submit an Affiliate Request form as you would if you were submitting to add someone as an affiliate.  In the "Comments" section, please state "This person is no longer affiliated with the University," and an end date.

Last Updated: 10/10/16