Parking and Transportation Services

Departmental Guest Passes

This is for guests of the department only.  All faculty, staff and students should be purchasing their permits through their myparking account.  If it is discovered that a department is misusing their site, the site will be temporarily unavailable for use until which time the misappropriation has been corrected.
  • UT Departments will have 29 guest permits available to them to use at any time. If your event exceeds 29 vehicles, you will need to work with Parking Enforcement as this is considered an "event"
  • If your department already has an email address, please click here to submit an online form to have your guest site activated.We strongly encourage you to be selective with issuing your permits as you can only issue 29 at any one time.
  • If your guest is on campus for more than 30 days, they are no longer considered a guest.  Please enter them as an affiliate of the University.  For more information regarding affiliates, please see our Affiliate Request website.
  • Please keep in mind your department must have obtained a departmental email address to proceed.  If your department does not have a departmental email address, please contact the IT help desk and place a formal request. They can be reached at 419.530.2400.
  • Rental Vehicles: If a department brings a rental vehicle on campus, the Department is responsible for registering the vehicle using one of their 29 available Departmental permits. Please note that the rental company is not responsible for registering the vehicle.

Departmental Guest Parking Form


Alternative Departmental Guest Parking Process

We have now added a new feature to help assist the departments that have many guests arriving to campus at one time. This feature allows a departmental guest to enter his or her own vehicle information through the departmental guest parking website at no cost.

If a department already has access to the departmental reguest site, the director of the department will need to email parking services at to request that an approver be added to the new site and act as the departmental guest parking coordinator.

If a department does not already have departmental guest site access, you will need to secure a departmental email address (if department does not already have one) by contacting the IT help desk to request a departmental email address. IT can be contacted at 419.530.2400.

Once you have departmental guest site access, please have the director of your department email parking services at to request that an approver be added to the new site and act as the departmental guest parking coordinator. How-to guides are available below to help both guests and approvers register using the new departmental website.


Last Updated: 10/23/18