Parking Services


All traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 HOURS A DAY,
seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Parking Regulations for The University of Toledo are:

Procedure:  Vehicle traffic and parking

Procedure Number:  3364-61-01.01

Responsible Department:  Executive VP of Administration

Scope:  All University of Toledo Campuses


Effective Date: Sept. 18, 2017


(A)              Procedures 

            (1)        Parking permit requirements 

(a)                With the exception of the circumstances listed below, every individual who parks or expects to park a motor vehicle (whether privately owned, leased or borrowed) on University property, at any time, must obtain a valid parking permit. 

(i)                 Parking meters (Enforced 24/7)

(ii)               Special events approved through the Parking Office                             

(b)                The Parking Office shall make available the appropriate parking permit upon proper registration application and payment of parking fees, via the online parking system. It is the responsibility of all permit holders to update their permit and vehicle information in the parking system. 

(c)                The person to whom a vehicle is registered in the UT parking system is responsible for the citation. It is the responsibility of the registered driver to make sure others operating the registered vehicle understand and obey these regulations.

 (d)                A permit does not assure the availability of a convenient parking space, but grants the privilege of parking in a specific area when space is available. 

            (2)        Purchasing a parking permit 

(a)          Student permits 

(i)                 Students may purchase a permit at or access through the MyUT portal.

(ii)               Students must be enrolled for the current or upcoming semester to have access to register for a student-parking permit.

(iii)             Student parking permit purchases are automatically charged the cost of a permit to his/her student account.

(iv)              Permits may be cancelled by, the student, emailing before the last add/drop date for the given semester.

(v)                Fees are posted on the Parking Services website ( as well as on the parking permit system. Fees vary in both cost and duration of validity.

(vi)              Student employee permits are for students who are currently working at UT and not registered for on-campus classes during the semester in which they are working. Students may be enrolled in on-line courses and be eligible for a student employee permit. Payment methods include credit card or electronic check.

(vii)            Permit upgrades can be issued to students with a verified state issued disability placard.


(b)          Faculty/Staff 

(i)                 Faculty/staff may purchase a permit at or access through the MyUT portal.

(ii)               Permits may be paid through payroll deduction or credit card unless otherwise stated in Collective Bargaining contracts.

(iii)             Fees are posted on the Parking Services website ( as well on the parking permit system.

(iv)              Refund requests are subject to the Permit Registration Terms and Conditions. 

(c)          Affiliates 

(i)                 Permits can be obtained through the myparking portal at once the sponsoring university department receives confirmation of their active status in Banner.

(ii)               Refund requests are subject to the Permit Registration Terms and Conditions. 

(d)          Vendors 

(i)                 University departments shall provide the supplier a parking permit through the Department Guest Portal.

(ii)               Refund requests are subject to the Permit Registration Terms and Conditions. 

(e)          Guest Permits 

(i)                 Guest permits can be obtained from for a daily fee.

(ii)               It is the responsibility of the guest to know where they are able to park on campus. (Link to Where May I Park).

(iii)             Payment methods include credit card or electronic check. 

(f)           Departmental Permits 

(i)                 Guests invited to the campus by an employee or staff member for the purpose of short-term University business will need to provide vehicle information to the department to obtain a permit.

(ii)               Departmental guest permits are reserved for visitors only. Refer to definition of visitor in Parking Policy.

(iii)             Misuse of department guest permits may be subject to disciplinary actions. 

(g)          Contractors 

(i)                 Contractors, including their employees, shall register all vehicles that may be parked on campus and are required to park in designated spaces.

(ii)               Permits can be obtained through Departmental Contractor Permit Portal. 

(h)          Other Permits 

      (i)         MOTORCYCLES – are required to be registered in the parking system.  A fee will be assessed at point of registration.

      (ii)        STATE REGISTERED DISABILITY PLACARD – A UT permit is required to park on campus with a state-issued disability placard or license plate.

(iii)             DEPARTMENTAL LOADING PERMITS – For purposes of loading and unloading outside of authorized parking areas, operators of properly registered vehicles must obtain a special short term loading permit from the parking office.

(iv)              A permit is required for students and employees to park at the Health Science Campus.


            (3)        Parking Permit Rules

                        (a)        A fee will be assessed for parking permits, which are required to park on campus.

                        (b)        It is the responsibility of all permit holders to apply for and update their permit through the myparking portal at and print and display permit confirmation visible through the front window of the vehicle.

                        (c)        Permit type is indicated by a capital letter before the description of the permit type. (Example “D-Residential Upper-class”)

                        (d)        Signs at the entrances to parking areas will indicate the general use of the area;                                        however, the use of specific spaces will be indicated by the color of the lines painted directly on the parking surface, and/or signs at individual spaces or on light poles.

                        (e)        Vehicle license plate must be facing the aisles in which the vehicle is parked. Backing in or pulling through a parking space is prohibited if the vehicle does not  have a front plate.

                        (f)        Except as otherwise provided, vehicles shall be parked only in approved spaces. Any areas with crosshatched stripes are not approved spaces – these are “No Parking” spaces.

                        (g)        Students with a “C” or “K” permit can park in yellow lined spaces after 4pm, unless otherwise indicated.

                        (h)        Overnight parking is defined as parking anytime between 1am and 6am.

                        (i)         Enforcement for reserved parking spaces is 24 hours, 7 days a week. If a ticket is                                     given for parking in a reserved space, it cannot be appealed.

                        (j)         A metered lot or space requires payment at all times; special events are not exempt. If a ticket is given for a vehicle parked at a meter without payment through a meter kiosk or individual meter, it cannot be appealed.

                        (k)        All resident students with less than 30 earned credit hours will be required to park in a designated area at the Scott Park campus.

                        (l)         DEPARTMENT LOADING PERMITS - The loading permit is good for 15 minutes. The vehicle must be parked in a loading zone or other approved parking  space with four-way flashers operating. 

(i)                 Loading permits do not authorize the holder to park in special use areas such as, but not limited to: disability spaces, reserved spaces or metered spaces/lots. 

(ii)               A loading permit on non-company logo vehicles must be displayed regardless of any other parking permit. 

(m)       VISITORS/GUEST – The parking office designee may designate spaces to be limited to visitor parking. 

(i)                 Visitor spaces are reserved for visitors 24 hours daily and are not approved for parking registered vehicles.

(ii)               Students, faculty, or staff shall not use any visitor parking spaces.

(iii)             After obtaining a Guest registration (temporary parking permit) at, visitors may park in any student space which is designated on the lot signs as “C” permit.

(iv)              Parking meters are available to visitors through payment at a meter kiosk or the individual meter.

(v)                Visitors will be responsible for complying with all parking regulations. 

(n)        DISABLED – The Parking Office designee may designate spaces to be limited to disability parking. 

(i)                 Handicap placards or license plates can only be obtained through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

(ii)               Spaces will be indicated by signage for the space. Spaces so marked are approved for use only by vehicles with a registered University permit as well as a state disability placard or plate. 

(o)        DONORS – Donor permit registration allows a person to park in any unreserved

faculty, staff or student parking space on all campuses: Main, Scott Park, and Health Science Campus. 

(i)                 A Donor permit maintains “A” parking permit privileges.

(ii)               Donors with a valid parking permit should refrain from parking in reserved spaces, fire lanes, Executive (E permits) and Gold (G permits) spaces, Centennial Mall, disability spaces (without a designated placard or plate), or in metered spaces (without payment).

(iii)             If an area is not identified with parking lines then it is not a valid parking space. 

(p)        OTHER – The parking office designee may designate other individually

      reserved spaces. Spaces so marked shall be used only as indicated. 

(q)        SPECIAL EVENT – The parking office designee may temporarily designate

spaces for special event parking for which a special parking fee may be assessed. 

(i)                 Parking for special events may be requested by a University employee through the parking website;

(ii)               Requests made by student organizations must be submitted through the Office of Student Involvement.

(iii)             Questions regarding parking for Athletic events should be directed to the Athletic Office.

(iv)              Parking meters are excluded from special event requests.

(v)                Departmental guest sites need to be utilized for events that involve 29 or less guests/visitors. 

                        (r)        MOTORCYCLES – The parking office designee may designate spaces and areas to be limited exclusively for motorcycle, motor scooter, and motorbike parking.

(i)                 Motorcycles need to be registered in the parking system to be valid to park on campus.

(ii)               Under no condition will gasoline-powered vehicles, including mopeds, be stored or parked inside University buildings.

(iii)             Two-wheeled vehicles are encouraged to park in yellow or white hash marks, with the exception of crosswalks.  

                        (s)        GOLF CARTS – Golf carts may operate on university roadways but must meet  the statutory requirements that are applicable to motor vehicles. 

                                    (i)         Golf carts must follow the traffic laws required of all motor vehicles.

                                    (ii)        Golf carts may not operate on sidewalks.  

(t)         UNIVERSITY VEHICLES – All university vehicles used or operated by faculty, staff or students must be parked in approved spaces; parking restrictions and   prohibitions will apply in all instances, and assigned drivers will be responsible for all tickets received. 

            (i)         University maintenance and service vehicles may park in appropriate service areas.

            (ii)        Personal vehicles that are used for University work purposes must be parked in approved spaces and follow all parking and traffic regulations. 

(u)        Non-Motorized equipment 

(i)                 Equipment may not be stored or left inside buildings or other enclosed structures on campus and along walls, handrails and other external structures where such use poses a substantial risk of harm to the individual, others or University property.

(ii)               Skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bicyclists must always yield the right of way on any sidewalks or other pedestrian pathways on campus.

(iii)             All persons using rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles or other non-motorized equipment on the premises of The University of Toledo may not engage in activity that represents a risk to their safety or the safety of others or which causes a disruption of operations of the University or which causes or may cause damage to the University property or to property of any of its members or visitors.

(iv)              Any person in violation of these procedures will be subject to the appropriate University judicial proceedings and/or prosecution under applicable criminal proceedings in a court, having appropriate jurisdiction.

(v)        Parking rules 

(i)                 A person shall not commit an act nor fail to act in any manner described in any section of these regulations.

(ii)               In addition to these University traffic regulations, the laws of the state of Ohio and the ordinances of the City of Toledo are adopted herein by reference. 

(w)       Other traffic rules - The following rules are necessary for the orderly regulation of vehicular traffic at the University:

(i)                 It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle in excess of 20 miles per hour (or otherwise posted) on university roadways.

(ii)               It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle in excess of 10 miles per hour (or otherwise posted) in university parking lots.

(iii)             License plates are scanned to validate parking permit registration or lack thereof as well as compliance with permit limitations.

(iv)              Operators of motor vehicles and bicycles shall yield the right of way to pedestrians in marked crosswalks at all times.

(v)                Parking is prohibited at all times in all fire lanes, roadways and tow away zones, including the Student Union and the Centennial Mall.

(vi)              Where individual parking spaces are designated and marked on the parking surface, the vehicle shall be parked entirely within such individual parking spaces.

(vii)            No motor vehicles shall be driven or parked upon any sidewalk, grassed or landscaped area.

(viii)          No motor vehicle shall park in a visitor, disability, loading, or otherwise reserved space without the proper permits.

(ix)              Disabled or malfunctioning vehicles which are illegally parked, or which may be left unattended overnight on campus, should be reported immediately by the operator to the Campus Police Dispatcher.

(x)                Bicycles or skateboards are prohibited on sidewalks.

(xi)              It shall be unlawful to attach a two-wheeled vehicle, including bicycles, to any tree, shrub, stair railing, disability railing or post, or to store such vehicles in any hallway, stairway or exit way. Bicycles found in violation of this rule will have their locking chains/cables cut at the owners’ expense and will be stored in a storage facility maintained by the Campus Police Department. Bicycles not claimed within 90 days from the date of seizure will be considered abandoned, and eligible for sale at auction.

(xii)            Electric and Hybrid vehicles with a valid UT parking permit are the only vehicles able to park and utilize spaces equipped with electric charging stations.

(xiii)          Valid parking spaces are identified with parking lines. 

(x)        Violations and fines 

(i)                 RESPONSIBILITY FOR VIOLATIONS – The operator of the vehicle, or the person in whose name the vehicle is registered, is responsible for violations charged to that vehicle as described in the parking policy.

(ii)               Persons who commit an act or fail to act in any manner described on the UT Parking Fine Schedule shall be fined the amount listed for each violation. Check the UT Parking Fine Schedule for a current list of violations and fines.

(iii)             A notice of violation will be emailed, mailed or placed on the vehicle and subsequent notifications will be sent.

(iv)              It is the responsibility of active UT students and employees to review their University email account to verify there are no outstanding violations.

(v)                Citations issued to students that are not under appeal or the appeal has been denied will be transferred to the student’s e-statement account after 45 days and may incur additional charges.

(vi)              Tickets unpaid and older than 60 days will be sent through the University Collections Department and ultimately may be forwarded to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio.

(vii)            Reasonable expenses incurred in the enforcement of the traffic regulations shall be assessed to the person responsible for the payment of the fines. Reasonable expenses may include but are not limited to towing costs, legal costs, and fees incurred in the enforcement of traffic regulations. 

(y)        TOWING – The university police and/or the parking office designee are authorized to remove a vehicle, by towing or by other means, from any part of the University campus under any of the following circumstances: 

(i)                 When any vehicle is unattended and constitutes a hazard or obstruction to the movement of traffic.

(ii)               When any vehicle is unattended on campus where parking is not approved.

(iii)             When any vehicle is on campus, the owner or operator of which has willfully disregarded parking and/or traffic regulations.

(iv)              When the vehicle does not display a current, valid state-issued license plate, or when a vehicle displays an expired license plate.

(v)                When a vehicle poses a threat to the safety and well-being of the campus, its inhabitants, and environment, including vehicles leaking gasoline or other hazardous substances, or suspicious unattended vehicles – even if they are parked in an authorized parking space. Determination for the need of such a tow shall rest with the Chief of Police or his designee.

(vi)              Any vehicle that has been determined to be abandoned on University property.

(vii)            The university police will pay special attention to vehicles in parking spaces reserved for the disabled or in a fire lanes and will make a serious effort to cite and tow any vehicle parked illegally in these spaces.

(viii)          Vehicles not claimed within 90 days from the date of seizure will be considered abandoned, and eligible for sale at action. 

(z)        IMMOBILIZATION/BOOT – The university police or parking office designee   may immobilize (boot) any vehicle that has accumulated two or more unpaid notices of violation, all of which are more than 45 days old, fines which accumulate over $250, or vehicles illegally parked in a disability space. 

(i)                 Any vehicles  immobilized will be properly identified, and proper notice left on the vehicle for the owner/operator stating the vehicle has been immobilized. Any attempts to drive the vehicle may result in damage to the vehicle for which The University of Toledo and its agents accepts no responsibility.

(ii)               The immobilizer will be removed only after the owner/operator reports to the Police Dispatch with proof of payment of all outstanding fines.

(iii)             Immobilized vehicles left by the owner/operator for more than 48 hours will be towed at the expense of the owner/operator. The university police department or parking office designee will make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner/operator by phone prior to towing the vehicle, in an effort to make them aware of the pending tow.

(iv)              Any damage to, or loss of, the immobilizer will be the responsibility of the owner/operator, and said owner, and said owner/operator maybe subject to criminal proceedings in Toledo Municipal Court and/or Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

(v)                An $80 boot removal fee will be assessed for all boot removals. 

(aa)      COLLECTIONS – Any open tickets issued to any non-student that are older than

60 days will be sent through the University Collections Department and may be

forwarded to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio. 

            (4)        Appeals – The right to appeal a notice of parking violations shall be exercised in

                        accordance with the following procedures: 

(a)                Registered students, employees and affiliates may appeal by logging into Visitors or those not affiliated with the University of Toledo may file an appeal online at

(b)                APPEALS PROCESS – All appeals shall be filed not later than 30 calendar days from the statement date of the parking citation notification. Persons not filing an appeal within the allotted time period shall waive the right to appeal.

(c)                Citations received for vehicles unregistered and/or parked in a reserved space/area may not be appealed.

(d)                The parking appeals officer will receive the appeal, render a decision, notify the person appealing the ticket via email or through of the decision, and report the findings to the parking enforcement office for implementation. The decision may be to sustain the fine, reduce the amount of the fine, or to dismiss the violation.

(e)                Appeals require an explanation of why the parking procedures were not followed.

(f)                 SECOND APPEALS – Persons who wish to appeal the decision of the parking appeals officer may attend the next scheduled Parking Appeals Board meeting to personally appeal the decision to the Parking Appeals Board. 

  (i)      The request for a personal appeal must be made within 7 days of the initial decision by the parking appeals officer. The Parking Appeals Board may decide to sustain the original decision, reduce the amount of the fine, or dismiss the violation. This decision will be final.

  (ii)      General

  1. The University assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while it is parked on the campus.
  2. The individual, who the vehicle is registered to, through the University, is responsible for all parking violations involving his/her vehicle.
  3. It is the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle to know where they are allowed to park.
  4. Responsibility of the enforcement for these regulations rests with the parking office designee.
  5. The chief of police or parking office designee may adopt procedures necessary to effectively administer these regulations.


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Last Updated: 11/2/17