Parking Services

Requirements & Agreement

Parking Requirements:

All vehicles parked on campus must register their license plate

You may only have one registered active vehicle on campus at anytime

You are responsible for updating your license plate information each time you bring a different vehicle on campus

You must pull forward into all parking Spaces, you will be ticketed if you back in or pull through a parking space

Your license plate must be facing the aisle-way at all times

You are prohibited from parking in a handicapped space without displaying the state issued permit

Parking is prohibited at any time in a fire lane or tow away zone

No driving or parking on sidewalks, grassed or landscaped areas

UT utilizes dedicated lots for our campus residents. On campus freshman students (under 30 credit hours earned) must park their car at the Scott Park Campus while all other dorm/McComas Village residents will park their car in their designated residential parking lot.  Resident students are not allowed the use of commuter student lots or staff lots.  Commuter students will receive a commuter permit type and can park in the white line areas of most lots 

Parking Enforcement enforces the University's Parking regulations 24 hours a day

Vehicles are not required to be registered from midnight Saturday until midnight Monday (weekends)

Students are typically held liable for parking infractions committed by family members

Click here to view Parking Enforcement Regulations

Last Updated: 6/9/16