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IPPE and APPE Rotation Site Information - CoreTrax

APPE & IPPE Rotation Site Information - CoreTrax

Rotation sites are established and selected through CoreTrax.  Many of the student and preceptor responsibilities and tasks can be fulfilled using this site.

The CoreTrax website can be accessed with the following link:

Why and how do students use CoreTrax?

Students will use the CoreTrax software over the course of the APPE and IPPE sequence for many different functions including:

  • Updating student contact information throughout the year
  • Maintaining CV’s
  • Uploading Reflections
  • Accessing preceptor and site contact information
  • Viewing student schedules
  • Completing evaluations
  • Reporting absences
  • Searching/requesting rotations
  • Current Immunizations and Certifications
  • Logging of IPPE Experiential Hours and APPE Absences

Users will receive an automated email with their login and password information

Why and how do preceptors use CoreTrax? 

Preceptors can use CoreTrax throughout the APPE process to perform many different functions that aid communication with students and other preceptors, including:

  • Accessing student contact information
  • Completing student evaluations
  • Viewing student’s prior evaluations
  • Posting contact information
  • Viewing student’s prior and subsequent rotations
  • Verification of IPPE hours
  • Ability to verify current Immunizations and Certifications
Last Updated: 4/17/19