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Transfer Application Process

Professional Division Application Process

All transfer students are required to complete a minimum of 16 graded semester hours at The University of Toledo before applying to the professional division. 

  • If a student has taken fewer than 30 quality hours at the University of Toledo:
    • The Higher Educational GPA (HiEd GPA, which is based on all letter grades attained in all institutions of higher learning) will be used for evaluation in place of the UT cumulative GPA if the HiEd GPA value is less than the UT cumulative GPA. If the HiEd GPA is greater than the UT cumulative GPA, the latter will be used.
  • If the student has taken at least 30 quality hours at the University of Toledo, the student’s UT cumulative GPA will be used in the evaluation process for application to the professional division. 

Applications for the Professional Division are evaluated based upon:

  1. An essay that will be submitted in the spring semester of the year students wish to begin in the upper division
  2. Cumulative and Science GPAs
    • Historically, students entering the professional division carry a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.

    • Science GPA is composed of the two general chemistry lecture scores, the first Organic Chemistry lecture score, the two appropriate biology lecture scores, the first calculus score, the first physics score and the first functional anatomy and pathophysiology score.

    • Students may take the science courses a maximum of two times, and the college will use the better of the two attempts to calculate the GPA.  The grades will not be averaged.

  3. An interview
    • Top students will be interviewed.  The PharmD program currently has 108 seats available, and BSPS program has 90 seats available. An average of 225-250 students apply to the Professional Division each year.

  4.  PCAT test score (beginning with the Fall 2014 admission to the PharmD professional division)


Once a student applies to the upper division and transcripts are received, the admissions committee evaluates the applications and notifies students. 

Class Profiles

P1 Class Profiles detail statistical information regarding admission into the professional division.

Transferring Credits

To determine how many of your credits will transfer to The University of Toledo, use Transferology. The majority of Ohio and Michigan universities list their courses on this site for easy transfer evaluation. College faculty evaluates courses for equivalencies, and transfer students must submit syllabi for evaluation if they are requested.

For further assistance, please call the Office of Student Affairs at 419.383.1904 and ask for an appointment with Jose Trevino. The appointment can be conducted in person or by telephone. It will be helpful to have all transcripts available for the appointment. Students may also fax copies of their transcripts to Jose Trevino at 419.383.1994.

Coursework Information

View the College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Career Series, which lists all pre-professional and professional division coursework for the Doctor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Undergraduates with Degrees

Beginning with the fall 2012 Professional Division admissions cycle, The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will admit a select group of up to five highly qualified undergraduates with degree (UWDs) to the professional division of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program each year. Learn more

International Transfer Students

Contact Information

For additional assistance, please call Jose Trevino in the Office of Student Affairs at 419.383.1904 or email your question to

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