Human Research Protection Program

Social, Behavioral & Education IRB Submission Information


The Social Behavioral & Educational IRB office no longer accepts paper applications for
NEW RESEARCH PROTOCOLS from faculty and students.

ALL NEW RESEARCH must be submitted via the new Kuali Coeus (KC) electronic application system.
If you have a currently active (KC) protocol with an IRB # beginning with the three digits 200,
please submit AMENDMENTS & CONTINUING REVIEWS in the new KC system.

Instructions for submitting a New KC Application

If you have an ONGOING, LONG-TERM STUDY with an IRB# that precedes the 200 series, please continue
to submit the AMENDMENT, CONTINUING REVIEW, DEVIATION and FINAL REPORT documents listed below.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to the new electronic system!

Adult Consent Template Updated 05/2013
Protocol Amendment Form Updated 11/2010
Continuing Review Form
Protocol Deviation Form
Final Report Form Updated 10/15/2010
GRAD Approval Form
Principal Investigator’s Responsibilities

         UT Guidance for Research Involving Children

         RSP Conflict of Interest Form [RSP 103]
        Please complete this form if the protocol is not associated with a proposal or an award

Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Website
All faculty, staff and students responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of funded research must complete the financial conflict of interest disclosure.


Last Updated: 8/15/18