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Overcome the Efficiency Bottleneck of CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells

  Current Students: Chuanxiao Xiao ( PSM-PV )

Associated Faculty: Yanfa Yan , Naba R. Paudel, Alvin D. Compaan 



Description: CdTe is a most promising photovoltaics material because of its suitable bandgap, high absorption coefficient. The theoretical limitation of CdTe cell efficiency is about 28%, but currently the highest efficiency is 18.7% achieved by First Solar. Many deposition techniques have been successfully developed for fabricating CdTe cells, I mainly work on Magnetron Sputtering. And I am trying to understand the mechanism of relatively poor open circuit voltage of CdTe solar cells and to overcome the current bottleneck. The projects I have been working on are shown as follows: 1. Chemical Bath Deposition for CdS as window layer of CdTe cells; 2. Oxygenated sputtered CdS window layer; 3. CdCl2 treatment of sputtered CdS/CdTe cells. And I am planning to work more on CdTe layer and AZO as HRT layer.
Last Updated: 6/9/16