Research and Sponsored Programs

Meet the Staff

Research Administration

Frank Calzonetti, PhD
Vice President of Research

Chris Cavins, BBA
Contract & Compliance Review Specialist

Monika DeGregorio, BS 
Research Regulatory Compliance Officer

Eva English, MA, BA
Grant Writer

Malinda Estby, MA, BA
Grants Coordinator 1

Marcie Ferguson, BBA
Special Projects Manager

Richard A. Francis, PhD
Director, Research Advancement and Information Systems

Shanda L. Gore, EdD
Associate Vice President
Minority Business Development Center
Minority Business Assistance Center Programs

Laura Graham, BA
Grants Coordinator 2 - HSC

Anne Izzi, JD
Interim Director of Sponsored Programs

Sarah Langlois, MBA, BBA
Research Systems Analyst

Robin Lanz, BBA, CRA
Grants Coordinator 3, MC

Pamela Moore, BA
Senior Business Manager

Kourtney Phillips, MEd, BEd, BA
Grants Coordinator 3, HSC

Carolyn Pinkston, MPH, RN, CIP
Director of Operations,
Department of Human Research Protection
DHRP Staff

Norm Rapino, PhD, MBA
Executive Director, Center for Innovation

Lisa Jane Root, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Directory/Attending Veterinarian
Department of Lab Animal Resources (DLAR)

Jessica Sattler, BBA
Director, Economic Engagement & Business Development
LaunchPad Incubation Staff

Constance Schall, PhD
Interim Associate Vice President

Michelle D. Shy, BA
IRB Coordinator 2, MC

Angela (Rossbach) Skellie
Grants Coordinator 2, HSC

Stephen Snider, JD
Associate Vice President of Technology Transfer and Associate General Counsel
Department of Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer Staff

Linda Solarek, BA
Grants Coordinator 2, MC

Pamela Suhan, MBA, BSN, RN, CCRC, ECoP® (EAR & ITAR)
Research Compliance/Export Control Officer

Amy Thompson, PhD
Faculty Fellow

Kimberly Thorn, BS
Grants Coordinator 1, MC

Jamie Van Natta, BS
Research Systems Developer


Last Updated: 7/6/17