Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Annual Reports

Annual reports were due on April 27th. For late submissions, please download the Annual Report template and Service Tracking spreadsheet and email directly to

All student organizations MUST submit an annual report. Forms must be typed and uploaded through OrgSync. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Late submissions for Annual Reports will receive a 10% budget reduction in funding per week, not to exceed 30%. Forms that exceed 3 weeks of tardiness will NOT receive funding for the upcoming year. Student organizations without a university budget may lose SAC and reservation privileges as a result of late Annual Report submissions. 

Annual Report Instructions:

The purpose of the annual report is to serve as an overview and recap for the academic year and use as preparation for the next academic year. The annual report includes:

  • Organization’s activities
  • Membership demographics
  • Fund utilization (if receiving a University budget)
  • Reporting events, programs, philanthropy and volunteer work completed by organization

The following are steps and guidelines that should be followed when completing an annual report:

  1. Answer all questions honestly and completely. Some research may be required, so give yourself an appropriate amount of time. If you cannot find your previous year's Annual Report for reference, stop by OSIL in the Student Union room 1532.
  2. Please type (a handwritten document will not be accepted). It is critical that the information is legible.
  3. Save a copy of this file and title it “(student organization name) 17-18 Annual Report”
  4. Submit this completed form electronically in the Involvement Network.
Last Updated: 9/17/18