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Are you a good neighbor?  
How many of these suggestions do you follow?

§         Keep parties fairly small; 3-4 guests per tenant
§         Pick up trash outside promptly after the party
§         Make sure your guests follow parking regulations
§         Use respectable language while outside
§         Keep the noise level low, especially at night when neighbors are sleeping
§         Let your neighbors know a day or two in advance of your party.
Give them your phone number so they can call YOU if there is a problem instead of the police.
§         Encourage your guests to use the restrooms indoors.
§         Don’t use beer ads, bottles or cans as decorations on your porch or in windows
§         Keep your party inside and quiet after 11:00 p.m.—Toledo has a noise law.

§         Keep our property, the sidewalks and streets free of litter.
§         When there is a holiday during the week, trash is delayed one weekday and continues on this
           schedule until the next holiday.  The pick-up is again delayed on weekday and continues on
           this schedule until the next holiday.
§         To have large items picked up, call 419-936-2515.
§         Trash collectors will not take tires, batteries, or motor oil

 General Tips
§         Say “Hello” to the neighbors
§         Offer to help elderly neighbors with jobs like shoveling sidewalks or raking leaves.
§         Make sure you and your guests respect the property or others.
§         Trade phone numbers with neighbors 

§         When your dog is outside, keep him/her in a fenced-in area or on a leash.
§         Clean up after your dog in your yard and when you’re taking him/her for a walk.
§         Keep cats in the house.
§         Keep your dog from barking continuously.
§         Take your pets to the vet for checkups and shots as needed.
§         Make sure your dogs have a license

§         When parking on the street, don’t block a neighbor’s driveway.
§         Don’t block sidewalks or park in yards—it is illegal
§         Don’t park to close to stop signs or fire hydrants.

§         Turn on your porch light at night and have your landlord install motion lights in the back and
           on the side of the house.
§         Always keep your house and vehicle locked.
§         Ask your neighbors to watch your  house while you’re away.
§         Stop your mail and newspapers when you’re away for more than a day.
§         Put indoor lights on timers so it will appear as though someone’s always home at night.
§         Attend Block Watch meetings.


Thanks to the Bancroft Hills Neighborhood Association!  New members always welcome.  For info, call 419-530-8521

Last Updated: 6/9/16