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How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back?

So, you paid your security deposit when you moved in, now you’d like to get it all back when you move out.  

This may help.  Landlords are not supposed to deduct for “normal wear and tear.”  Beyond that, any aspect of your rental property that is not the way it was when you moved in will cost you, unless you take care of it to the landlord’s satisfaction before you leave.

Here are just SOME of the typical items and estimated charges: 

  • dirty oven ($50)
  • burners ($35)
  • stove top under lid ($50)
  • refrigerator ($50)
  • painting ($250)
  • carpet repair ($100)
  • broken/cracked window ($100)
  • mirror ($50)
  • blinds ($60)
  • toilet ($50)
  • tub ($50)
  • washing walls ($40 per hour)
  • air conditioner cover replacement ($100)
  • missing keys ($100 each)
  • doors broken or missing ($100
  • light fixtures missing or broken ($65)
  • repairing holes in walls or ceilings ($17 per hour)

Again, these are just a few of things for which you may be charged.

Yes – that’s a lot of money because the landlords would rather you perform the basic cleaning and repairs yourself.  Obviously, buying some Easy-Off, Comet, and Pine Sol and thoroughly cleaning the apartment is worth the investment.

If the landlord deducts any amount, it must be itemized in writing and delivered to you together with the balance due from your security deposit within 30 days after you have moved.  Be sure to leave a forwarding address. 

If you encounter problems, contact Student Legal Services, 419-530-7230.

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Last Updated: 6/5/18