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Alpha Chi Omega

Nickname: Alpha Chi and A Chi O
National founding date: October 15, 1885
Chapter symbol: Lyre
Colors: Olive Green and Scarlet Red
GPA Requirement: 2.6 semester and cumulative
Philanthropy: Fight Against Domestic Violence

Alpha Chi Omega is a national women's organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service. Alpha Chi Omega prides itself on maintain five standards include personal development, character, financial responsibility, academic interest, and leadership ability. Aside from the standards Alpha Chi Omega lives by, this chapter is a great asset to the Greek community at The University of Toledo. Filled with fun-loving, outgoing girls, Alpha Chi Omega is a diverse sisterhood that stands out on campus. Being in Alpha Chi means being a part of something that nobody else gets to experience and it is truly the best sorority to be a part of.

To see beauty even in the common things of life, to shed the light of love and friendship round me; to keep my life in tune with the world that I shall make no discord in the harmony of life; to strike on the lyre of the universe only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace; to see and appreciate all that is noble in another be her badge what it may; and to let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity. This is to be my symphony.

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Alpha Omicron Pi

Nickname: AOPi
National founding date: January 2, 1987
Chapter symbol: Rose
Colors: Cardinal Red
GPA Requirement: 2.6 college or 3.0 high school
Philanthropy: Arthritis Research and Education

Founded in 1897 by four young women at Barnard College, Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) is a sorority based on character, dignity, scholarship and loyalty. Two of the things that the ladies of AOII hold dearest are academics and philanthropy. In 1967, the sorority adopted Arthritis Research as its international philanthropy and the ladies have since raised collectively, more than $1.5 million for grants and research. Academically, the sisters of AOII consider grades one of their top priorities and continuously strive for excellence inside the classroom. AOII prides itself on individuality and encourages every sister to find the best in herself and share that individual uniqueness with her sisters. They love to recognize individual talents but also to recognize and be proud of their many differences. Alpha Omicron Pi strives for greatness as they encourage sisterhood, philanthropy, and leadership among their members.

“What we want is high minded, like minded, loyal hearted girls who will work together happily and according to their talents for worthy achievements in and for their college-achievements that will bring pride to AOII, spur their personal ambitions, and help them toward a goal. We want girls who will not only take a lot of fun and happiness out of college, but also put some useful service into it. Who will have enough grace to be popular, enough generosity to enjoy life with others, and the esteem of others but enough character to do all without making the slightest concession or principle or conduct.” – Stella George Stern Perry, Alpha Omicron Pi Founder

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Alpha Xi Delta

Nickname: Alpha Xi’s and Fuzzies
National founding date: April 17, 1893
Chapter symbol: The Quill
Colors: Double blue and gold
GPA Requirement: 2.75
Philanthropy: Autism Speaks

Alpha Xi Delta affiliated at UT in 1997. Our national philanthropy is Autism Speaks and we do several events like Fuzzie Funnelcakes and our AmaXIng challenges to help support it. Alpha Xi Delta, one of the nation's oldest women's fraternities, is an organization dedicated to inspiring its members to realize their potential. Since Alpha Xi Delta’s founding more 116 years ago, they continue to enrich the lives of women throughout the world with by emphasizing the ideals our Founders instilled in our fraternity: sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service to our communities. We fully embrace these ideals and the opportunity to bring them to college women.

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Chi Omega

Nickname: Chi O
National founding date: April 5, 1985
Chapter symbol: Owl
Colors: Cardinal and Straw
GPA Requirement: 2.6
Philanthropy: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas by Dr. Charles Richardson, Ina May Boles, Jean Vincenheller, Jobelle Holcolmbe, and Alice Simonds. They are the largest fraternal women’s organization in the world with more than 300,000 initiates according to [WHO?]. Chi Omega cultivates a place for personal growth where women develop lasting friendships and build the foundation for successful leadership that can be used during their collegiate years and beyond. Chi Omega helps women to grow academically, contribute to their community through volunteer service and learn invaluable leadership skills. Chi Omega has six purposes that guide the direction of each chapter and individual member, which includes friendship, high standards of personnel, scholarship, community service, campus activities and career development. Sisterhood in Chi Omega lasts a lifetime.

The Xi Delta chapter of Chi Omega at The University of Toledo is committed to leadership, sisterhood, community service, philanthropy, and scholarship among many other things. We have sisters involved in organizations such as Homecoming Commission, Dance Marathon executive board, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Resident Student Association, and many others. In an effort to devote time to causes greater than ourselves, we partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2002.

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Delta Delta Delta

Nickname: Tri Delta
National founding date: November 15, 1888
Chapter symbol: Dolphin, Pearl, Pine Tree, Pansy
Colors: Silver, Gold, Blue
GPA Requirement: 2.5 College GPA
Philanthropy: Children’s Cancer Research and a national partnership with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Delta Delta Delta at UT holds St. Jude close to their hearts. In 2010, the UT chapter was the top fundraising chapter of its size nationally for St. Jude’s Hospital. These ladies are active on campus and are involved in many organizations. Always staying true to their purpose of building a sronger and more womanly character by participating in opportunities to better there self and their community. They participate in campus events such as Homecoming, Dance Marathon and Songfest.

When a woman becomes a Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta), it becomes a life-changing experience filled with new friends, responsibilities, and exciting character-building opportunities. For more than 120 years, Delta Delta Delta has been providing young women with a way to connect with like-minded women — offering a perpetual bond of friendship among its members. The fraternity's purpose has always been to establish that friendship and to enable women to develop stronger and womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every way. Since 1888, Tri Delta's unique and innovative chapter programs have focused on developing each member into a well-rounded, successful woman. Tri Delta continues this long-standing tradition by sponsoring programs that empower members to broaden their moral and intellectual life, to develop their leadership skills and abilities, and to prepare them for success now and in the future.

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Delta Phi Epsilon

Nickname: D Phi E
National founding date: March 17, 1917
Chapter symbol: Unicorn
Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold
Philanthropy: Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation

Formerly known as Chi Delta Pi — a local sorority — the ladies of this organization made the decision to merge forces with a national sorority in spring 2013, becoming the newest sorority on campus as the Gamma Tau chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. Members of Delta Phi Epsilon strive to promote the growth and improvement of one another through the founding pillars of service, sisterhood, scholarship, self, and social. Following their Latin motto of “Esse Quam Videri,” meaning “To be rather than to seem to be,” the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon know the importance of striving to achieve their fullest potential through learning who they are. Delta Phi Epsilon emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and has three philanthropies: The National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), and the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. Currently, active involvement on campus includes participation in events like Songfest, Greek Week, Big Event, Dance Marathon, and Flip the Yard. Most recently, Delta Phi Epsilon received the Donald S. Parks Outstanding New Student Organization Award. The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon are proud of the progress they have made thus far, and are looking forward to a bright future in front of them.

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Kappa Delta

Nickname: KD
National founding date: October 23, 1987
Chapter symbol: Teddy Bear, White Rose, Katydid, Nautilus Shell and Dagger
Colors: Emerald Green and Pearl White
GPA Requirement: 2.9 High School GPA
Philanthropy: Girl Scouts of the USA, Prevent Child Abuse America, the Children’s Hospital of Richmond, Virginia, and America Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Kappa Delta strives for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest. They are a well-rounded chapter because of the high academic standards, all members are involved in other organizations, we are very involved with our philanthropies, and are a group of very outgoing, beautiful women. They are first in grades at UT for two semesters of the 2010/2011 school year. Their members are in organizations such as Student Government, RSA, CAB, SAA, UT Dancing Rockettes, UT Cheerleading, UT Women’s Lacrosse, etc. Above everything else, Kappa Delta is most importantly a strong sisterhood. Kappa Delta is a diverse group of women, who came together with the same purpose: to form close friendships with women whom will eventually becomes sisters in every meaning of the word.Kappa Delta Sorority (KD) was chartered at The University of Toledo on April 27, 1946. They hold multiple events each year to support their charities and to promote the increase of confidence in woman all across campus and within their chapter.

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Pi Beta Phi

Nickname: Pi Phi
National founding date: April 28, 1867
Chapter symbol: Angels and Arrows
Colors: Wine and Silver Blue
GPA Requirement: 2.7 College and 2.95 High School
Philanthropy: Links to Literacy

With a clear commitment to service and culture that develops the whole person, Pi Beta Phi fraternity is a values-based organization in which individual development is a key component of the mission and vision of the organization. Pi Beta Phi attracts women who possess a desire to take part of a dynamic organization that promotes growth in all areas of life. The mission of Pi Beta Phi fraternity for women is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service. The sisters of the Ohio Epsilon chapter experience the very best in college and Greek life by participating in major UT traditions such as Homecoming, Songfest and Dance Marathon. Pi Phi aims to improve literacy across borders, making it the only sorority with an international philanthropy. Each semester, Pi Phi hosts a philanthropy dinners, Noodles for Knowledge, for UT’s faculty and students in efforts to raise funds for First Book. “Once a Pi Phi angel, always a Pi Phi angel."

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Phi Sigma Rho

Nickname: Phi Rho
National founding date: September 24, 1984
Chapter symbol: Star and Pyramid
Colors: Wine Red and Silver
GPA Requirement: 2.0 and must be enrolled in an engineering or technical major
Philanthropy: Girl Scouts of the USA and Food for Thought

Phi Sigma Rho is a national social sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology. Phi Sigma Rho was founded at Purdue University by two women who understood the demands of technical majors, yet still wanted to be in a social sorority. Since then, Phi Rho has grown across the country on the values of our founders in sisterhood and excellence, both socially and academically. They believe that together, we build the future and hold high regard for integrity, respect and character. Phi Sigma Rho members actively participate in community service benefiting Toledo and surrounding areas on and off campus, and sponsor social events, academic assistance and other on campus Greek activities. Being a Phi Rho means being among the best and brightest and being a part of an amazing sisterhood for life.

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