Greek Life

Greek Frequently Asked Questions

UTencourages all students to explore fraternities and sororities. Greek life is not right for everybody, but participating in Greek activities can give all students opportunities to meet new people, learn about campus life, and have fun. For students who decide to “go Greek,” it often becomes one of the most important, most positive decisions they make in their lives. The only real way to learn about Greek life is to explore it fairly and experience it personally.


Why do people join fraternities and sororities?

Greeks do many good things. Each semester Greek service projects raise thousands of dollars for charity. On average, fraternity and sorority members consistently get better grades than non-Greeks. Greeks encourage members to be involved in campus life and leadership. Greeks have fun in socials and major events like Homecoming, Songfest, Dance Marathon, and Greek Week. Greeks join international networks of alumni who can help with networking in post-collegiate life. Greeks get experience leading organizations, including running business meetings, managing budgets, and organizing events. Most importantly, though, Greeks develop some of the closest friendships of their lives and have a more meaningful college experience because of them.

How are UT fraternities and sororities?

The UT Greek community maintains a proud heritage. Several chapters are considered among the best in the nation by their international headquarters offices. All chapters routinely make great accomplishments in service projects, campus leadership, and individual accomplishments.

How big is Greek life?

There are twenty nine chapters: seventeen fraternities and twelve sororities. More than 1000 students are members of Greek organizations.

How much hazing happens?

Hazing is not only illegal; it is antithetical to the values of Greek organizations. If it was revealed that any UT organization conducted hazing activities, the organization and its members would face harsh disciplinary procedures. There is no reason to believe any Greek organization at UT hazes.

Won't I be too busy with school?

Greeks are extremely busy between being leaders and being involved on campus. However, Greeks also consistently get better grades than non-Greek students, and nationally have significantly higher graduation and post-graduation success rates. Greek organizations stress learning above all and will always accommodate a member's academic needs, including establishing tutoring sessions or study times if a member is struggling.

What type of assistance does the University offer Greek chapters?

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership works very closely with all social fraternities and sororities to help them realize their potential. A full-time staff member is devoted to creating educational programming and training for members to help them develop and grow, and to provide oversight and advising to help them follow paths to excellence. UT works directly with members, student leaders, volunteer advisors, international headquarters offices, and national networks of Greek life professionals to assure the success of Greek chapters and Greek individuals. There is also someone on-call 24 hours a day for Greek students.

Where are the houses?

Fourteen of the chapters reside in McComas Village located on campus.  McComas Village is a small community for Greeks who live on campus.  Many chapters host events in the Village throughout the year. 

Do members have to live in the houses?

The majority of UT Greek organizations do not mandate that members live in the house.  Most organizations have 50+ members and only 20-25 members can reside in their house.   

How much does it cost?

Every chapter has dues and they are all different. These rates are based on fees from headquarters offices, insurance rates, and fees to maintain chapter operations.

Which chapter is the best?

Each chapter is different. The most important thing is to be exposed and meet the members of each chapter, learn about the organizations' values and activities, and decide which chapter—if any—best suits your personality and values.

Do I have to pick a chapter based on my major?

Every chapter has members from almost every college at UT. The most important thing is to find out which chapter best fits your personality and values. After that, the chapter will help with your studies no matter your discipline.

How do I join?

Each chapter is different. The best path is for a person to participate in a few activities. Once the person decides that a chapter is right for him or her, and the chapter decides that the person is qualified for membership, membership issues take care of themselves.  To get more information about recruitment events contact the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership at 419-530-4944 or
Last Updated: 2/16/18