Greek Life

Greek Life Forms

All Greek organizations must be a registered student organization at The University of Toledo. Student organizations must comply with the Student Code of Conduct and must complete paperwork required by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership and Greek Life to remain an active student organization. 

Maintain Registered Student Organization Status
In order to maintain active status as a registered students organization, Greek organizations must complete the following:

Greek Life Agreement (Renewed Yearly by Every Greek Member)
All returning fraternity and sorority members (not new members) must submit this Membership Agreement with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership each academic year. The Membership Agreement includes statements that are required for each returning Greek member to renew their commitment to and understanding of the described policies (Anti-Hazing, Grade and Conduct Release, etc.). Every individual member of Greek Life MUST submit this form by September 15th of each academic year. Failure to do so will result in loss of participation privileges within the Greek Community.

Roster Update Form
This form must be submitted by the president or the advisor anytime a student graduates or leaves the chapter.  Presidents should verify their roster with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership within the first two weeks of each semester.

Grade and Conduct Release Form
This form must be completed by all Potential New Members (PNM) that are being considered for membership.  PNM’s will not be allowed to sign a Membership Agreement until grades have been verified by the chapter.

Grade Release Coversheet (potentially coming in the future)
This coversheet must be submitted by the president or recruitment chair and include all students who need grade checks. Upon verification of each PNM's Grade Release Forms and their GPA, the completed coversheet will be released to the chapter.

New Member Education Plan
Fraternities and sororities must complete and submit this new member education plan to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership two weeks prior to the start of formal recruitment, informal recruitment, or intake.  NPHC and MGC organizations must follow the Membership Intake Guidelines

Last Updated: 6/5/18