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Instructors at The University of Toledo should show both personal consideration and professional responsibility in their punctual and consistent attendance at all scheduled sessions of their assigned courses. When situations arise that prohibit an instructor from attending a scheduled class session or that necessitate a class start time be delayed, the instructor should make all reasonable efforts to inform the students in the class of the change as soon as possible.

If an instructor fails to arrive on time for a class, and if the class has received no notification from the instructor concerning a later class start time for that date, students must wait in the class location for 15 minutes from the scheduled class start time.  If the instructor has not arrived in that time, and if no “late start” notification has been received from the instructor in that time, all students may leave.  In such a case, the students are not to be penalized in terms of grading or any other punitive action by the instructor.

Last Updated: 8/2/16