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What to Wear

What works: The overall look!
What doesn't: Don't wear open-toe shoes!

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

This outfit is very professional and is appropriate for an interview or every day attire in our industry.  I would suggest wearing shoes with toes covered. (Technology Firm)

If this student is going to an interview I would suggest wearing closed-toe shoes.  I would not recommend wearing sandals to an interview. (Engineering Faculty)

OK, but I would make a few improvements, such as a bit of a higher cut shell underneath the suit coat.  DEFINITELY get some closed-toe shoes. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

Outstanding outfit.  Looks like it fits and is comfortable.  Hair is neat and under control.  Everything fits except the shoes.  It look like there are two different styles at work here.  If one of those styles is open toes change that.  No open toe shoes in a professional setting - ever.  Answer the shoe question and this candidate would have everything taken care of. (Staffing Firm)

This is almost there.  Note the open toe shoes - WRONG! The suit is nice, perhaps a more conservative top might be in order. (Government Agency)

She looks great!  Classic dark suit with a white top underneath give this a very clean professional look.  Normally in a business setting I don't suggest wearing long hair down, but in this case it works!  It looks very neat - I can tell it is cut very evenly on the ends and I like the way she wears it pushed slightly back with the bangs over to the side.  This still give her a very put together look and she always have the option of wearing it up.  She has  a great smile, great posture and I love her glasses.  She's ready to take on the world. (Financial Services)
Last Updated: 6/9/16