Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

What to Wear

What works: The suit
What doesn't: Sleeve and hem length may be too long

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

Very nice - don't change a thing. (A&S Faculty/Communication)

I like the fact this candidate made the effort to make her headdress work will with her business outfit.  I would consider tailoring the sleeves so that they don't look too long.  I think the outfit firs well and is comfortable.  It seems to have muted colors that are versatile.  I would list to what this candidate has to say.  Very good. (Staffing Firm)

This is tough because I don't know much about traditional dress.  I would think this might work although I usually recommend avoiding anything that indicates religious beliefs during an interview.  This could be a discriminating factor particularly in today's environment. (Government Agency)

Very professional attire.  Uncertain whether the dress and jacket are too long for her. (Technology Firm)

Last Updated: 6/9/16