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Student Employment

Health Science Campus              (For Main Campus procedures click here)

>Important Notice for Departments Hiring Student Workers

Student Employment Services, a division of Career Services, provides on-campus part-time employment opportunities. Jobs are posted daily on RocketJobs and range from on-campus and off-campus jobs to entry-level and specialized positions, which provide financial support as well as valuable work experience.  We oversee employment of student workers on ALL campuses, including Health Science Campus (excluding graduate assistantships).

IMPORTANT: Students cannot begin work until paperwork is completed and the supervisor is notified.

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>FAQs about Student Employment jobs and Federal Work Study
>Find an on or off campus job in RocketJobs 
>Student Employee Handbook
>HSC Student Employee Check Sheet    

Employers/Supervisors - General Information 

>Hiring Department Check Sheet
>Supervisor's Guide (Employer's Handbook - Student Employment)
>Employers click here to post your position.  (Example of job posting form)
>A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring (NACE)
>Due Dates for Personnel Action forms (PAFs) and timecards and >Holiday Schedules
>Rejected Time Cards and Holds
>Generic Student Employee Application Form
>Student and Temporary Employee Time Report Card - How to complete
>Removal from Payroll

Forms required to employ Health Science Campus (HSC) student workers:

HSC Student New Hire Packet (all forms included)
(for links to individual forms click here.)

HSC Supervisors - Training Materials

To be reviewed with new student workers (Tip-create binder with all training materials for new students to review)

  1. UTMC Mission
  2. icare Learning Program and policy
  3. UT Policies and Facts PowerPoint
  4. Ethical Conduct Statement ("Booklet")  
  5. Standards of Conduct Policy # 3364-25-01
  6. Confidentiality of Patient Information (#3364-15-10)
  7. Infection Prevention and Control and Safety Tips
  8. UT Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Policy HSC (#3364-60-01)
  9. Equal Opportunity (Policy #3364-50-02)
  10. Sexual Harassment and other forms of harassment (Policy #3364-50-01)
  11. Responsible use (Policy #3364-65-05)
  12. Accreditation Process
  13. Sentinel & Adverse Events (Policy #3364-50-38)
  14. Patient Safety and/or Occurrence Reporting (Policy #3364-50-39)
  15. Complaint/Grievance Management (Policy #3364-100-60-1)
  16. Patient Rights and Responsibilities (Policy #3364-60-2)
  17. Patent Policy (Policy #3364-70-04)
  18. Rights to and interests in discoveries, inventions or patents - establishment of rules (Ohio Revised Code #3345.14)
  19. Pre-Employment Drug Testing (Policy #3364-25-17)
NOTE: Some of the forms are also available on Payroll or the Human Resources websites
Last Updated: 8/15/18