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Our workshops are available to faculty, staff, and student organizations. Take a look at our suggested Career Exploration or our Job Search Workshops.  If you don't see what you want, please let us know and we will customize a workshop. We have programming for first-year students to graduating seniors and graduate students. See below for a list of topics.
If you would like to request one of these workshops for your a class, department, student organization, please complete a workshop request and fax or email it to us at your earliest convenience.  Keep in mind that we require two week advance notice for all workshop requests in order to better meet your needs.
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Additional Workshop/Presentation Topics

Career Exploration Workshops

Orientation to Career Services
Students will learn about career counseling services, career-decision making workshops, occupational information, the Career Services online registration system (RocketJobs), career search workshops, career seminars, job fairs, on-campus interviews, and other specialized services.

Career Development Overview
Workshop participants will experience fun, career decision-making activities which illustrate the importance of assessing values, interests, abilities, aptitudes, and personality. Various campus resources and services available to help students make and implement their career decisions will be covered.

Skill Identification
This workshop will define the terms: skills, aptitudes, abilities, and competencies. Participants will analyze their past accomplishments to identify functional, job content and adaptive skills. A list of most desired employee attributes sought by the nation’s job recruiters will be handed out and reviewed. Strategies to enhance work-related skills will also be discussed.

What Can I Do With a Major In...
Students often wonder what career options are available with their major. This session offers strategies, employment possibilities, and discusses the importance of campus involvement and work-related experiences.

Occupational Exploration Workshop
The Career Services staff will customize a workshop on any occupation or major. The workshop will cover the duties and nature of the work, work settings and conditions, methods of entering the field, employment outlook, earnings, advancement possibilities, and sources of additional information.

Library Resources Scavenger Hunt
A visit to the Career Services Resource Library can be an exciting experience as students learn about the various career resources available. The scavenger hunt activity is an excellent way for students to find answers to commonly asked questions about occupations and to become familiar with the print and internet resources available.

Informational Interviews and Networking
Informational interviewing is a technique used to explore and research occupations and organizations. Informational Interviewing involves talking with people who work in an occupation you are considering. Learn how to identify potential employers and contacts who may help provide information or further contacts. Discover “first-hand” information about an occupation, gain access to the “hidden” job market, and improve your self-confidence and interviewing skills.

Job Search Workshops

Finding a Summer Job or Internship
Students who obtain related work experience have a definite advantage in the job market. Through summer, part-time, and volunteer work experiences, students gain marketable skills and learn more about their chosen fields. This workshop will cover strategies to identify and find work-related positions. Participants will become familiar with directories of summer employment and internship listings.

The Career Services staff will customize a workshop designed to help students interview for a selected occupational field. Workshop participants will evaluate job requirements, identify job-related capabilities, and learn to structure their interview responses following a behavioral approach.

Resume Writing and Critique
A customized workshop will be developed to help students write effective resumes targeted toward a specific career field. The Career Services staff will review each section of a resume and offer suggestions for improvements on content, design, and layout. Individual assistance will be provided as time permits.

Professional Dress and Etiquette
The transition from college to the world of work involves learning expected social and professional etiquette as well as looking the part. Dressing for success requires careful wardrobe planning to build a professional image. A review of the basics of etiquette covering proper introductions, table etiquette, and other common courtesies will also be presented.

Transition from College to Work
Graduating from college, landing that first job, and moving to a new city can be exciting and scary. A new graduate will have many important decisions and adjustments to make. A new employee learns how to become a team player, work under supervision, and assess group dynamics. These issues and others which may arise during the transition from college to work will be discussed. Suggestions will be offered for managing change successfully.

Negotiating and Evaluating a Job Offer
Let's face it, salary negotiation is unpleasant! Most job seekers feel anxious, embarrassed and uncomfortable when the time comes to discuss salaries. Advice such as "never bring up the issue of salary, let the interviewer say it first," is rarely helpful if you don't have any idea of how to respond when the topic does come up. This workshop is designed to give you some basic information about negotiating salaries and benefits as part of your job search.
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