Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math Science Programs

Academic Year Programs

Welcome to the University of Toledo Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math Science Academic Year Programs. Academic Year Programs begins in September and conclude in May and provides numerous educational experiences including cultural and recreational activities, college/university visits, and other places of interest. Additionally, Academic Year Programs allow students to gain and enhance their networking and leadership skills by participating in student conferences, such as the Educational Opportunity Association and OH TRIO; participate in National TRIO Day activities that are exciting, educational and socially enriching; and provides the opportunity to participate in various community service events.

Students may attend academic tutoring at The University of Toledo Learning Enhancement Center; participate in Classroom Instruction each Tuesday; and attend workshops to enhance one's educational, cultural, career, and personal awareness on various topics ranging from developing test taking skills to personal development skills.

Upward Bound Math Science additionally provides exposure to university faculty members who do research in mathematics and the sciences; computer training.  Math Science participants also conducted scientific research under the guidance of University faculty members or graduate students.

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