The SEED Initiative

Complete Streets

What are Complete Streets:
  • Incomplete streets - those designed only with cars in mind - limit transportation choices by making walking, cycling, and public transit inconvenient, unnattractive, and dangerous.
  • Complete Streets are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.
  • Utilizing a Complete Streets policy, enables communities to direct their transportation planners and engineers to routinely design and operate roadways to enable safe access for all users.
  • All new projects should consider the infrastructure needs of drivers, transit users, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • There is no singular design for Complete Streets, each one is unique and the design is created in context.

Benefits of Complete Streets

  • Complete Streets provides opportunities for increased physical activity by incorporating features that promote regular walking and cycling.
  • Complete Streets reduces the number of vehicular accidents through comprehensive safety improvements
Last Updated: 3/23/15