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Program 60

program60The University of Toledo is proud to offer Program 60! Program 60 is an opportunity for community members and alumni, 60 years of age or older who have resided in Ohio for the past year, to receive lifelong learning at a reduced rate. 

Program 60 benefits

Program 60 offers participants an opportunity to fulfill personal enrichment by providing access to educational opportunities and experiences at The University of Toledo.

Program 60 eligibility

  • Must be 60 years of age or older
  • Must have resided in Ohio for the last 12 consecutive months
  • Must apply for admission to The University of Toledo and register for courses through University College
  • Must agree to take classes on an audit basis only, meaning you will register and attend a class, however, you do not earn college credit toward a degree
  • Must meet the prerequisites for the class enrolled
  • Enrollment is limited to space availability, which is determined on the last day of the regular registration period
  • Financial aid cannot be used for audit courses

enroll in program 60

  1. Complete the Summer/Fall 2019 Program 60 Application

  2. Research available courses:
  3. Schedule an appointment for Program 60 Registration Day by contacting University College at 419.530.3142

program 60 anticipated fees

Tuition for eligible applicants is covered through scholarship, however, Program 60 participants are responsible for any additional fees to take a course.

  • Books (cost varies)
  • Parking, if needed
  • General fees
  • Library fees
  • Lab fees with associated courses
  • Technology fee assessed by some colleges
  • Distance learning fees
  • Facility fees, varies
  • Special service fee
  • Student identification card fee (for new students)
  • Legal and Student Green Fund fees (may be waived)
  • Other college fees

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