Department of Exploratory Studies

Transfer Policies

Acceptance of Transfer Credit

1) Students will be granted credit for all college-level courses taken in the summer of 2005 and before at regionally accredited institutions of higher learning for which they have earned a C or better.

2) Students will be granted credit for all college-level courses taken in the fall of 2005 or later at regionally accredited institutions of higher learning for which they have earned a D- or better.

3) Students who have completed an associate’s degree from a state-assisted Ohio institution with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better will receive transfer credit for all college-level courses used toward the associate’s degree for which they have earned a D- or better.

Note: Acceptance of course credit does not guarantee applicability toward degree programs.

Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE)

The TCE shows how your transfer courses have been equated to UT courses. If UT does not have a course that is exactly equivalent to a course you have taken, we use a “pseudo course” to allow the course to be used by the Degree Audit Report (DAR). Courses that have been identified as electives will be used to meet degree requirements wherever appropriate.

Your TCE has been prepared for you by the Department of Exploratory Studies. When you switch to another college at UT, it may change how your transfer credits are applied to the new major. If you have questions about those changes, you may talk to an adviser in the new college at UT.

Degree Audit Report (DAR)

The DAR is an electronic tracking system that pulls information from your UT transcript to track your progress toward a degree. Transfer courses that are completed will appear on the DAR.

Transfer courses that are still in-progress will not appear on the DAR until you send a final transcript that shows that the courses have been completed.

The DAR is provided as a tool for you to use to monitor your progress toward a degree and to help you choose appropriate courses each semester, but it does not determine graduation. All students are advised to review the DAR with their academic advisors on a regular basis to ensure timely completion of their desired programs.

To find your DAR, go to the MyUT Portal. Look under My Records for "Run Degree Audit". If you have questions on how to access the DAR, please see the DAR tutorial. For Exploratory Studies students or other students exploring new majors, be sure to click the "what if" button on the DAR to see how your credits would count if you were in that new major.

Pseudo Course Key


ZARS**** Arts and Sciences Elective
ZFAR**** Fine Arts Elective
ZHUM**** Humanities Elective
ZSSC**** Social Science Elective
ZNSC**** Natural Science Elective
ZNSC LAB Natural Science Lab
ZLIT**** Literature Elective
ZCWG**** Creative Writing Elective
ZWRG**** General Writing Elective
ZFNL**** Foreign Language Elective
ZTEC**** Technical Elective (limited number may apply)
*****EU a US Diversity Elective
*****EN a Non-Western Elective
****WAC a Writing Intensive
*****EL an Elective 

Additional Evaluation Required

ZCRS DES Course Description and/or Syllabus needed
ZDPT EVAL To be Evaluated by Department 

Courses Not Applicable to a Degree

MATH DEV Developmental Math Elective
ENGL DEV Developmental English Elective
ZESL DEV English as a Second Language
ZRDG DEV Developmental Reading Elective
ZSTK DEV Study Skills
ZNAT DEG Course not applicable to degree 

Level of Transfer Credit

All undergraduate baccalaureate degree programs require that students complete course work offered at various levels 2000-4000 (or sophomore to senior) levels. The level requirement is determined by the level at which the original course was taken, not the UT equivalent level as reflected on the Transfer Credit Evaluation. This calculation cannot be tabulated accurately through the DAR, but will be manually calculated for each transfer student. Credits taken at a community college, junior college, or as part of a two-year technical degree program may not be counted as meeting the 32 hours of upper-level credit requirement (3000-4000). 

Unevaluated Courses

If there are any courses on the TCE for which you think a different evaluation should be made, you may provide course descriptions and/or syllabi and we will determine if a re-evaluation is warranted. If there are any courses on the TCE that have been evaluated as “ZCRS DES” or “ZDPT EVAL,” you must provide documentation as to the content of the course in order for us to complete the evaluation. 


Seek evaluations

If you have any courses that appear as ZCRS DES or ZDPT EVAL it is important to provide course descriptions and/or syllabi to enable us to evaluate these courses BEFORE you take courses at UT in the same subject area. If you do not have these courses evaluated, you run the risk of taking an equivalent course at UT. Duplicate course work will not be counted toward degree requirements. A hold will be placed on your account which will prevent future registration until all courses have been evaluated. The Department of Exploratory Studies students should for information on how to have your courses evaluated.

Turn in ALL transcripts

Students are required to submit transcripts from ALL institutions attended. Failure to do so will be considered as academic dishonesty. If you have not submitted final, official transcripts, a hold will be placed on your account which will prevent future registration until all transcripts have been received. Students with in-progress course work at the time of application to UT will need to submit a final transcript after the courses have been completed to get the hold removed.

Mail transcripts to:
The University of Toledo
Office of Admission
Mail Stop #338
2801 West Bancroft St.
Toledo, Oh 43606-3390

Drop off transcripts to:
UT Admissions Office
Rocket Hall Suite 1300

Last Updated: 6/27/16