High School Outreach Initiatives

Students can gain college experience/credit while in high school:

College Credit Plus:  In order to give Ohio high school students the opportunity to pursue higher education and reduce the cost of doing so, the Ohio Department of EducationOhio Board of Regents and the Ohio legislature in conjunction with universities and community colleges in the state have worked together and created the College Credit Plus program. This program will combine the previous Post Secondary Enrollment Option and Dual Enrollment programs and will include Tech Prep.

TechPrep:  Connecting high school students to education that prepares them for a collegiate level learning experience that combines the best of academic and technical courses, resulting in an associate and/or baccalaureate degree. 

Toledo Early College High School (TECHS):  TECHS is a Toledo public high school operating in partnership with UT. The school is located on the Scott Park campus. TECHS students generally come from backgrounds in which the percentage of those who go to college is well below the national average. TECHS provides the opportunity for students to simultaneously achieve a high school diploma and earn up to 60 college credits at UT. Up to 100 students are recruited each year for admission to the school as 9th graders. For more information, call the high school principal at 419.530.3008 or e-mail


John Adams, Admissions

Kari Dilworth, Advising

Nick Mignogna, Advising                                                                                                                                        419-530-1250


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Last Updated: 1/25/16