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Five Day Welcome

Thank you for your interest in the Five Day Welcome!

This year, UT has a large number of arriving international students that must make temporary housing arrangements (like hotels) while they either apply for UT housing or make off-campus arrangements.

As you know, staying in hotels can be very expensive, and making these arrangements can be stressful when simultaneously dealing with being in a new country for the first time. 

Here’s where you and your family can help.  We are looking for just a few Toledo residents who have a spare room or two, and would welcome overflow students for five days, and, if you have friends who may be interested, pass it on!

Benefits of Participation:

  • Serve as a guide to the American culture
  • Demonstrate a positive example of the U.S. and Americans
  • Teach your family about both diversity and philanthropy at once
  • Help someone in his/her time of need
  • Learn about a different culture firsthand

We are asking that you would provide the following:

  • Up to five overnights in your home,
  • Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner), if that is what the student would like,
  • Transportation to the university in the morning (from there we can direct them to campus busses which can take them to various apartment complexes)
  • Transportation back to your home in the evening (if needed).

We are only asking that you provide the above, although if you offer other meals and assistance in locating an apartment, these would be appreciated by students as well.  You may wish to involve your guest in social activities, but it is at your discretion whether to "pay their way." Additionally, some American customs we take for granted will appear strange to your guest and vice versa. Please feel free to communicate tactfully with your guest about what is acceptable in your home.

To offer your home for a Five Day Welcome, apply here:
Five Day Welcome Host Family/Individual Application

Or you can download a paper application here:

Paper Application


Contact Information:
Susan Cuffee 419-530-4229

Wes Blood  419-478-8325

Last Updated: 6/9/16