CSJHS Technology Fee Committee

Technology Fee Committee


Contact Us

Kyle Parsons

Student Technology Fee Director

Office: HH2400A

Phone: 419.530.4750

Email: Kyle.Parsons@utoledo.edu

Request Procedures

CSJHS Tech Fee Standard Submission Procedure

Submission Instructions

1.       Submissions forms are available on the CSJHS Tech Fee website (http://www.utoledo.edu/csjhs/committees/techfee/forms.html)

2.       Fill out the required form and attach the corresponding quote(s) to the document resulting in one document containing both the request form and the quote

3.       Each submission must be named using the following format where the number must represent department priority as determined by the department chair (e.g. “Rehab Sciences Request 1”, “Rehab Sciences Request 2”)

4.       Submissions will be performed by the department chair or department secretary and emailed to Kyle.Parsons@utoledo.edu before the posted deadline

Other Details and instructions

·         During the Fall and Spring semesters the Tech Fee Committee will accept Tech Fee requests

·         The Tech Fee Committee will provide one deadline per semester in which requests must be submitted

·         Requests requiring a more timely response are discussed in the Fast-Track Request Submission Procedures below

·         Summer requests will be processed by the Technology Fee Director as well as any members available during the summer semester

·         If approved, requests of similar software or hardware may be pooled and submitted by the Technology Fee Director for bulk purchasing

·         After the submission deadline, committee members will be notified electronically to review and rank submissions

·         Technology staff will be given time (one week) to review each submission. If more time is required to review, the technology staff will contact the requesting department. Review may require technology personnel to meet with departments to ask or answer any questions concerning the technical nature of the request

·         The technology staff reserves the right to hold, table, or reject any requests for the following reasons:

o   Needs have already been met with existing technology or alternative technology

o   Requested software or hardware is incompatible

o   Licensing restrictions

o   Other reasons as discussed by technology administrators within the college

·         The Tech Fee Committee members will meet and vote to approve Tech Fee requests

·         Departments will be notified of approved and rejected requests

·         At this time the business manager will work with department chairs to purchase their requested software or hardware.  Please contact Debra Banks if you have any questions on purchasing approved Tech Fee requests.

·         The Technology Fee Director should be notified by departments of orders, delivery, implementation, or installation that may require his/her services. Notification should include:

o   Lawson E-req numbers

o   Order numbers and confirmations

o   Arrival of deliveries if not sent directly to the College Computing

CSJHS Tech Fee Fast-Track Submission Procedure

·         Department Chairs may submit requests outside the deadlines of the standard submission

·         Requests must be submitted using the same form and same method as proposed in the standard submission procedures

·         Requests must be under $1,000

·         Technology administrators will be given time to review each submission (1 week)

·         Review may require technology personnel to meet with departments to ask or answer any questions concerning the technical nature of the request

·         A digital survey requesting approval or denial will be sent to the voting Tech Fee committee members

o   Members will be given a set deadline to submit their vote

o   Members will be allowed one vote of “approve”, “deny”, or “submit during scheduled deadline”

·         If approved purchasing will be performed in the same manner as described in the Standard Submission Procedures


CSJHS Tech Lab Request Procedure

·         Technology staff reserves the right to purchase equipment needed to replace, maintain functionality, or repair for the CSJHS labs or classrooms

·         Technology staff will work with the business manager and Associate Dean to purchase the requested software or hardware

·         A list of all lab/classroom purchases will be placed on the Technology Fee share


Last Updated: 6/9/16