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With the Microsoft Office Communicator client you can have face-to-face conversations with large or small groups of people around the globe.  Real-time communication allows you to save time and money by being able to sit in your office and attend meetings across campus.  The Microsoft Office Communicator client allows an HD video quality experience, so it's just like being there.

With just your computer and speakers you will be able to see and hear audio and video. In order to share your own video and audio you will need to have a webcam that includes a microphone. We recommend Logitech Pro 9000 because it has been tested to work with Communicator. The webcam plugs into a USB slot same a flash drive. After plugging in your webcam you will need to configure it before you can use it. Visit setting up a webcam for further instructions on setting up your camera for the first time.

Tobegin an Audio/Video conference, click on the webcam icon at the top of the chat window.


This will launch a video and voice chat showing the person you are talking to (If they also have a webcam) in the big window and yourself in the smaller window. By clicking the circled buttons you can change the views. You can also move the smaller window anywhere in the bigger window by clicking and dragging the smaller window.




Last Updated: 6/9/16