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Using the Life Size

Here is a current list of quick tips for using the LifeSize meeting system. More will be added as questions are asked.

How do I turn on the LifeSize?
What can I do with the remote?
How do I make a call?
How do I use the Polycom?
How do I set camera presets?










How do I turn on the LifeSize?
After you have had your LifeSize installed it is time to use it. Remove the black cap on the LifeSize camera lens to start. You will then have 2 remote controls. One controls the TV/Monitor and the other controls the LifeSize. Using the remote for the TV (The one that does not say LifeSize on the bottom), press the power button and the TV should turn on. You can then put the TV remote down, because you will not be using it until you are done. Next, pickup the remote for the LifeSize, press any button and you are ready to go. Always remember when finished with the LifeSize to turn off the TV.


What can I do with the remote?
This is the LifeSize Remote. For more information about using it click here.


How do I make a call?
A redial list is in the middle of the screen and lists the previous calls. If you would like to recall one of these numbers you can do so by highlighting it and then click the call button located at the top of the remote. This will dial the number.

Tocall new people you have 2 options. You can call another LifeSize or Communicator account using the video call, or a voice call to a phone. To make a Video call highlight the video call button by pushing the left arrow on the remote and then the ok button in the middle. To make a call to a communicator account you must enter: as the video number. To get a keyboard to type in letters click the blue button. When done click the call button at the top of the remote. This will send a message to the person asking them to join the conference. To add more then one person to a conference click the call button and do the same steps you just did. When done click the hang up button. The other option is to dial by phone number by entering the phone number on the phone or the voice option on the LifeSize.

How do I use the Polycom?
This is the keypad on the Polycom. To make a call from it, dial your number or extension and then choose voice button on the top left. This will dial and your entire meeting room can speak with that person over the phone. There is also a volume controls on the right to make it loader or quieter.

The last thing to remember is that there is a mute button. It is located in the bottom right hand corner. When unmuted the lights around the polycom are blue. When muted the lights will turn red. While muted the person on the other line will be unable to hear anything that is said in the room with the polycom.

How do I set camera presets?
To set a camera preset move the camera to a place you want it to be. Then on the remote control hold down one of the numbers. It will then beep at you. After it beeps at you move the camera to the next spot. Then hold a different number until it beeps. Then when someone else is talking instead of messing around trying to move the camera to the correct spot, you can hit you numbers that the presets were set with and the camera will return to the spot it was set for.


Last Updated: 6/9/16