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Voice Mail Basics

How to change your greeting:

  1. Dial 5100...enter your security code
  2. Press access phone manager
  3. Press 1...for personal options
  4. Press 2....standard greeting or press 1...busy greeting
  5. Press 3...record personal greeting
  6. Press 4...discard old greeting
  7. Follow steps 4 & 5 again for greeting

How to change your security code:

  1. Dial 5100...enter security code
  2. Press 3...access phone manager
  3. Press 1...personal options
  4. Press 4...change security code

How to forward a message:

  1. Press 2...while listening to a message
  2. enter the mailbox number you are forwarding the message to
  3. Press record a brief message...Press 2 to stop
  4. Press send message

 How to access voice mail from the outside:

  1. Dial 419-383-5100
  2. Press the pound (#) key when the voice mail system answers
  3. Enter your mailbox number, 4 digits then enter security code
Last Updated: 2/6/18