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Health Science Campus
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BPG Computer Classroom: HEB 1st Floor, Room #127
Genomic Core Lab: HEB 2nd Floor, Room #200

BPG Office: CCE 3rd Floor, Lobby
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1. Introduction To Genomics: Genome is not an instruction text but an unsupervised operating system. (Alexei) (Jan 8th)

2.  Genome as an advanced Cellular Automaton. (Alexei) (Jan 10th)

3.  Organization and structure of the Human genome. (Alexei) (Jan 15th)

4. Complex hierarchy of non-randomness in the human genome. (Alexei) (Jan 17th)

5. Codon bias puzzle. What forces have created unequal codon frequencies? (Alexei) (Jan 22nd)

6. INTRONS: structure, function, and evolution.  (Alexei) (Jan 24th)

7-8. Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) (John Gray) (Jan 29th and Jan31st )

9. Introduction to computational algorithms for gene prediction.  (Alexei) Feb 05th 

10-11. Advanced gene predictions.  Basics on Support Vector Machines (Sam Shepard) Feb 07th  and Feb 12th

12. Bacterial Genomics (Robert Blumenthal) Feb 14th

13. Transcription factor binding sites (Robert Trumbly) Feb 19th

14. Genomic Entropy. Origin of novel genes.  Pros and cones of genomic mutations. (Alexei) Feb 21st 

15.  Recombination and large rearrangements in the human genome. (Alexei)  Feb 26th

Take-home exam February 28th

SPRING BREAK March 04-08

16.  Gene arrays (Douglas Leaman) March 12th

17.  Data Mining in Bioinformatics (Sadik Khuder) March 14th

18. Cluster Analysis in Bioinformatics (Sadik Khuder) March 19th

19. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics (Sadik Khuder) March 21st

20. Gene Regulatory Network (Sadik Khuder) March 26th

21.  Profound differences between DNA and RNA molecules. Introduction to RNA World. (Alexei) March 28th 

22. Small non-coding RNA. Part 1: snoRNA (Alexei) (Apr 02nd)

23. Small non-coding RNA. Part 2: microRNA, siRNA, piRNA (Alexei) (Apr 04th)

24. Long non-coding RNA (Alexei) (Apr 9th)

25. Advanced Proteomics. LAB (Wendell Griffin) (Apr 11th)

26. Glycan Analysis, Imaging, and Biomarker Discovery by MALDI-MS (Dragan Isailovic) (Apr 16th)

27-28.  Advanced Molecular Phylogenetics (Scott Rogers) (Apr 18th  and (Apr 25th)

29. Vacant (Apr 25th)

Final exam  April 30th


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