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Recent Publications

Structural patterns at all scales in a nonmetallic chiral Au133(SR)52 nanoparticle, Chenjie Zeng, Yuxiang Chen, Kristin Kirschbaum, Kannatassen Appavoo, Matthew Y. Sfeir, and Rongchao Jin, Science Advances, 2015, 1, e1500045,

Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structures of Mono and Dinuclear Macrocyclic Cobalt(II) Complexes with a new tetraaza m-xylyl-based macrocyclic ligand, Khandar, Ali Akbar; Kirschbaum,Kristin; Abedi, Marjan; Mock, Kristi; Tracy, Greg;  V. Spasojevic,V.; Hosseini-Yazdi,Seyed Abolfazl, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015, 39, 2822.

Mono- and Bimetallic Aluminum Alkyl, Aryl, and Hydride Complexes of a Bulky Dipyrromethene Ligand, Gianopoulos, Christopher; Kirschbaum, Kristin; Mason, Mark R., Organometallics2014, 33, 4503–4511.

Bio-Based Bisfuran: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and  Low Molecular Weight Amorphous Polyester, Gaitonde Vishwanath; Lee Kyunghee; Kirschbaum Kristin; Sucheck Steven, Tetrahedron Letters, 201455, 4141–4145.

A series of N-(2-phenylethyl) nitroaniline derivatives as precursors for slow and sustained nitric oxide release agents, Wade, Colin B.; Mohanty, Dillip K.; Squattrito, Philip J.; Amato, Nicholas J.;  Kirschbaum, Kristin, Acta Cryst.2013, C69, 1383-1389.

Ultrastable silver nanoparticles, Desireddy, Anil;Conn, Brian E,; Guo, Jingshu; Yoon, Bokwon; Barnett, Robert N.; Monahan, Bradley M.; Kirschbaum, Kristin; Griffith, Wendell P.; Whetten, Robert L.; Landman, Uzi; Bigioni, Terry P., Nature2013, 501, 399–402.

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Study of Copper Hopping in Doped bis(L-histidinato)Cadmium Dihydrate, Colaneri, Michael, Vitali, Jacqueline, Kirschbaum, Kristin, J. Phys. Chem. A2013, 117, 3414–3427.

Synthesis and Calorimetric, Spectroscopic, and Structural Characterization of Isocyanide Complexes of Trialkylaluminum and Tri-tert-butylgallium, Nicholas B. Kingsley, Kristin Kirschbaum, Joseph A.Teprovich, Jr., Robert A. Flowers II, Mark R. Mason, Inorg. Chem., 201251, 2494-2502.

Planar, Three-Coordinate Boron Monohydrides Ligated by Bis(3-methylindolyl)methanes, BingXu Song, Kristin Kirschbaum, Mark  R. Mason, Organometallics, 201231,191-196.

Confirmation of Bridging N-Indolides in 3-Methylindole and Di- and Tri(3-methylindolyl)methane Complexes of Dimethyl-, Diethyl-, and Di-iso-butylaluminum, Nicholas B. Kingsley, Kristin Kirschbaum, and Mark R. Mason, Organometallics 2010, 28, 5927-5935.

Quantification of CH-π Interactions: Implications on How Substituent Effects Influence Aromatic Interactions, Benjamin W. Gung, Bright  U. Emenike, Michael Lewis, Kristin Kirschbaum, Chemistry – A European Journal 201016, 12352-12362.

Preparation and Characterization of Two New N-Heterocyclic Carbene Gold(I) Complexes and Comparison of Their Catalytic Activity to  Au(IPr)Cl, Benjamin W. Gung, Derek T. Craft, Lauren N. Bailey, Kristin Kirschbaum, Organometallics  2010,29, 3450-3456.

N,N'-Diethyl-4-nitrobenzene-1,3-diamine, 2,6-bis(ethylamino)-3-nitrobenzonitrile, and bis(4-ethylamino-3-  nitrophenyl)sulfone, Thomas J. Payne, Chad R. Thurman, Hao Yu, Qian Sun, Dillip K. Mohanty, Philip J. Squattrito*, Mark-Robin  Giolando, Christopher R. Brue,  Kristin Kirschbaum, Acta Cryst2010, C66, o369-o373.

Luminescent Low Valent Rhenium Complexes with 1,2-Bis(alkylphosphino)ethane Ligands.  Synthesis and X-ray Crystallographic, Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization, Messersmith, Stephania J.; Kirschbaum, Kristin; Kirchhoff, Jon R., Inorganic Chemistry 201049, 3857-3865.

Relative substituent position on the strength of π–π stacking interactions, Benjamin W. Gung , Bright U. Emenike, Celeste N. Alverez, John Rakovan, Kristin Kirschbaum, Nirbhay Jain, Tetrahedron Letters2010, 51, 1648–1650.

Gold-Catalyzed Transannular [4+3] Cycloaddition Reactions, Benjamin W. Gung, Derek T. Craft, Lauren N. Bailey, Kristin Kirschbaum, Chemistry – A European Journal, 201016, 639 – 644.

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