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Recent Publications.

Charles E. Jones*, Timothy C. Mueser H, Kathleen C. DudasI, Kenneth N. KreuzerI, and Nancy G. Nossal. Bacteriophage T4 Gene 41 Helicase and Gene 59 Helicase Loading Protein: a Versatile Couple with Roles in Replication and Recombination.  PNAS colloquium (2001) 98 (15), 8312-8318.

Mueser, T. C., Rogers, P. H., and Arnone, A.  Interface Sliding as Illustrated by the Multiple Quaternary Structures of Liganded Hemoglobin. Biochemistry (2000) 39, 15353-15364.

Charles E. Jones, Timothy C. Mueser, and Nancy G. Nossal. Interaction of the bacteriophage T4 Gene 59 helicase loading protein and gene 41 helicase with each other, and with fork, flap, and cruciform DNA. (2000) 275, 27145-27154, Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Zhong-ning Yang*, Timothy C. Mueser*, Frederick Bushman, and C. Craig Hyde. Crystal Structure of an Active Two-domain Derivative of Rous Sarcoma Virus Integrase.  *Co-first author contribution.  Journal of Molecular Biology (2000) 296 (2), 535-548.

Timothy C. Mueser, Charles E. Jones, Nancy G. Nossal, and  C. Craig Hyde.  Bacteriophage T4 Gene 59 Helicase Assembly Protein binds replication fork DNA.  The 1.45 Å resolution crystal structure reveals a novel a a-helical two-domain fold. Journal of Molecular Biology (2000) 296(2), 597-612.

Zhong-ning Yang, Timothy C. Mueser, Joshua Kaufman, Stephen Stahl, Paul T. Wingfield, and C. Craig Hyde. The Crystal Structure of the SIV gp41 Ectodomain at 1.47Å Resolution. Journal of Structural Biology 1999. 126 (2), 131-144.

McCord, M., Stahl, S.J., Mueser, T.C., Hyde, C.C.,  Vora, A.C, and Grandgenett, D.P. Purification of recombinant Rous sarcoma virus integrase possessing physical and catalytic properties similar to virion-derived integrase.  Protein Expression and Purification, 14, pp. 167-177, 1998.

Vora, A.C., Chiu, R., McCord, M., Goodarzi, G., Stahl, S.J., Mueser, T.C.,Hyde, C.C., and Grandgenett, D.P. Avian retrovirus U3 and U5 DNA inverted repeats: Role of nonsymmetrical nucleotides in promoting full-site integration by purified virion and bacterial recombinant integrases. JBC, Vol. 272, No. 38, pp 23938-23945, 1997.

Timothy C. Mueser, Nancy G. Nossal, and C. Craig Hyde. Structure of Bacteriophage T4 RNase H, a 5  to 3  exonuclease with sequence similarity to the RAD2 family of eukaryotic repair and replication proteins. Cell, Vol. 85, pp. 1101-1112, 1996

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