Lake Erie Center

News Articles Featuring the GLGL

Ecological Society of America Ecotone, April 7, 2011, Outlaw mussels invade the West

Ohio SeaGrant TwineLine, Spring/Summer 2010, VHS Test Fishes for Faster Answers

Great Lakes Echo, June 18, 2009, Great Lakes fish hatcheries could benefit from new test for deadly VHS virus

WGTE Plugged-In, October 15, 2008, "Fish Infirmary: Keeping Lake Erie Inhabitants Healthy"

The Blade, July 11, 2008, "UT receives $209,126 to study deadly fish disease"

The Capital Times, February 11, 2008, "Cultivating Perch for Fish Fries, Posterity"

Columbus Dispatch, October 30, 2007, "The Fish Detectives"

NPR Radio Story, September 10, 2007, "The Fish Detectives"

Ohio SeaGrant TwineLine, Spring/Summer 2007, "CSI: Lake Erie"





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