College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Future is Now!

The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomes The Future of Pharmacy:
Expansion and progress toward enhancing patient care and advancing science


After years of planning, the Future of Pharmacy has arrived at The University of Toledo. The College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences has seen monumental growth in its student population, from 800 students in 2001 to over 1,500 students today.  This growth and the university’s 2006 merger with the Medical University of Ohio have allowed the college to expand to a newly constructed facility on the university’s Health Science Campus, home of the University of Toledo Medical Center. 

Expanding the college’s programs to the Health Science Campus involves more than simply arriving at the building and turning a key.  The University is engaged in promoting and supporting interprofessional education as a way to build bridges between health care disciplines, and in the planning stages for the new building, the college set many goals for progress and collaboration in order to improve upon the already-excellent academic and research programs.  Student pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists learn about and actively participate in collaborative care, gaining insight from their peers and faculty in the other health science disciplines.  At the same time, the other health science disciplines benefit greatly from the breadth and depth of knowledge the College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences brings.  The expansion has certainly enhanced current collaborations in the fields of cancer and diabetes treatment, immunology and transplantation, and neurodegenerative disorders.
The Future of Pharmacy is Now!

Setting the Pace

The College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences’s Office of Student Affairs now operates on both the main and health science campuses.  The high-tech side effect of this expansion of student services is a paperless system that is unprecedented at The University of Toledo.  Student Affairs has a complex calendar that requires advisers to split their time on both campuses, and as of fall 2010, all student files for the College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences are managed and stored electronically.  The office’s creative approach to providing services on both campuses has also led to the use of the web to facilitate advising and enhance the student experience.  Read more about technology in the Office of Student Affairs 

Enhancing Patient Carephoto pharmacy building

While the Department of Pharmacy Practice focuses on training future pharmacists, its role in the community continues to expand. Pharmacy Practice faculty are working to improve the human condition in many ways through collaborative practice and patient education.  The department’s Pharmaceutical Care Outcomes Research (PCOR) lab has been instrumental in conducting MTM programs for the City of Toledo and FrontPath. At the Neighborhood Health Association’s Cordelia Martin Health Center, Dr. Aaron Lengel conducts medication therapy management (MTM) for patients with chronic illnesses.  The MTM sessions inform patients and provide feedback to physicians to help them monitor patient progress toward specific health goals.  Read more about community outreach in the Department of Pharmacy Practice

Advancing Science

The Center for Drug Design and Development (CD3) is evolving to emphasize collaborative grant submissions and interactions among UT departments.  Twenty-one interactions are now ongoing, and fifteen have led to, or are close to, grant submissions.  Three of these submissions have already resulted in extramural funding: The Ohio Third Frontier Award with Akira Takashima as lead primary investigator; an RO1 Addition (Economic Incentive) Award with Bill Maltese as lead primary investigator; and a new RO1 Award with Ron Viola/Paul Erhardt as Co- primary investigators. In addition, two internal submissions have also been awarded: a URAF Award with Janet Salzwedel of Adrian College as a Visiting Research Scientist and a UT Undergraduate Research Award with Peter Yanosko as an Honors Thesis Investigator.  Read more about how the CD3 is building bridges between disciplines

Last Updated: 6/9/16