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Undecided Students

You might be unsure of what you want to major in when starting your college career. You aren't alone and the academic advisors in University College are here to help while you find the right major for you.  

Undecided Quest Program:

The Undecided QUEST Program allows new, undeclared students to complete core classes while they explore which majors and careers are right for them. QUEST aims to match your interests and passions to a rewarding program of study. Students can remain in QUEST for three semesters as they work with advisors to establish their academic goals.

Not declaring a major or career field when entering college is acceptable. For some students, it may be the right path in order to make an educated decision about their college and career paths. Exploring students will receive organized help in assessing their personal strengths and limitations as they relate to major and occupational choice. Exploring students will receive help in researching information about a variety of academic majors and career areas.

Maybe you need more information before officially declaring a major – you may know the industry you are interested in and want to learn about career options in that field. For example you have interests in law and  business, however you want to learn about career options. Or perhaps you started in a program, and  now have second thoughts – biology seemed right for you, but you enjoy your English classes more.

Benefits of the Quest Program:

  • Academic advisers – QUEST academic advisers will help you explore your options, while still keeping up with University core course requirements. You will be able to meet one-on-one with your personal academic adviser, who is dedicated to helping you find your way. 

  • Career and Self Evaluation Class - here you will begin in earnest to explore academic options and how they relate to careers.  You will also take assessment tests to identify what majors fit your strengths and interests and begin to develop a plan for deciding on your major.


Last Updated: 11/29/17