Self-Study 2010 - 2012

Goals and Timeline

The University of Toledo Self-Study Goals

  1. As a result of conducting a self-study, the following goals will be met: Confirm that UT’s practices and actions are consistent with its mission statement and strategic direction.
    1. Since the last HLC visit and as a newly merged institution, UT has developed a series of strategic directions and initiated a new round of strategic planning process. Through the self-study, UT will measure how effectively it is fulfilling its mission and achieving its strategic directions.

  2. Provide proof of evidence of UT’s strengths, identify areas for improvement, and recommend plans for improvement.
    • As a result of conducting the self-study, UT will provide proof of evidence of its strengths and areas for improvement. Based on this information, UT will posit future directions for improving its institutional performance.

  3. Foster the strong sense of community through communication, collaboration, and connectedness between and among all UT constituencies.
    • By conducting the self-study, UT will implement infrastructure that will provide effective communications throughout the campus community and to both its internal and external constituencies.

  4. Position UT’s future as a leading academic institution in the region, the state and the nation.
    • As a result of conducting the self-study review, UT will have a better understanding of where it currently stands with all its stakeholders and where it must direct its future energies and resources in order to maintain and advance its academic excellence.

  5. Achieve re-accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.
    • The self-study review will be conducted in a quality manner, allowing UT to maintain its affiliation status with HLC for a future period.
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