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College Credit Plus (CCP) at UT just got better . . .
Introducing the College Credit Plus Academy

Qualified CCP students can begin earning credit in select major areas of study right now.Students smiling in class

Special academic Majors tracks are now being offered for high school juniors and seniors in the College Credit Plus Academy program, including:

This means you can now begin earning credit in the Major you wish to pursue. The Academy program allows you to get nearly 30 hours of college credit directly applicable to your major completed before you graduate from high school!

The most complete college experience you can have

Since all classes will be on the UT campus with full-time UT students any CCP student taking advantage of the Academy program will get to experience college and the campus to its fullest in the same way the full-time UT student does.

You will be taught by some of UT’s top faculty and enrolled in classes with UT students who have the same academic interests as you.  This will also help to make your transition to college after high school much easier.  And the credit you earn allows you to graduate sooner than the first time freshmen student enrolling after high school graduation the same time as you.

Student smiling on-campusWhat’s Next?

If the College Credit Plus Academy sounds like something that fits you and your aspirations, check out the Majors tracks listed above and talk to your high school counselor about your desire to participate.  Then submit your online application and follow the Next Steps that are outlined on the email acknowledging that your application was successfully submitted.

Last Updated: 6/9/16